A little Hump Day smoke (Q-View to follow)

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by padronman, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Decided that since I am off today I would smoke up some legs and thighs.  Got one 1/2 in a Chipotle and Lime Marinade and the other half in my Chicken Rub.   Man do I love the smell of smoked chicken. 

    Q-view will follow but didn't figure you really needed to see the chicken sitting in a bag [​IMG]

    Plan on using a mix of Pecan and Apple wood in my Smokin-It #2.  Smoke at 275F for 2 - 2.5 hours.  Looking for the ol Internal temp to be right!!

  2. Hey Scott, Sounds  I like Chicken

  3. oldschoolbbq

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    Cheap eats ,that's what I like , good cheap eats . I wish SWMBO liked it as much as I ,  wouldn't have to beg for scraps then , [​IMG]  . And on tp of that , she only likes

    Skinless , Boneless Breast , the most expen$ive . Go figure [​IMG]

    Waiting on your plating shots ... opps , Bear View . . .[​IMG]

    Hurry any time...
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    Hmmmm, I thought I smelled Chicken???

    I'll check back later--------------


  5. Got 2 racks full in the ol smoking-It #2!!

    Chipotle Lime marinade. Mmmmmmmm

    PadronMan's chicky Rub

    Into the Smoker they go!!!!   See you in 2.5 hours

    Enjoying a local San Diego IPA.  Coronado Brewing Co Islander IPA.  A very good IPA!

    I think I may hit the old pool for a quick dip!

    they gotta eat too but no chicken for them.

    TBS.....hard to see but it smells amazing! 

    Using Pecan and apple wood.  Smoking at 275F.   Can't wait to taste these chicken parts [​IMG]

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  6. Our little Hummers are starting to come around.

  7. We have these little guys year round.  Guess they said SCREW flying south LOL


  8. Had to take a little peek [​IMG]   looking good.  Should come off in about 20 minutes.  Wife making homemade Mac and Cheese.  Pair it with a salad as well.  Padron is off to make himself a Gin and tonic.  Hendricks Gin and Fever Tree Indian Tonic.  Mmmm mmmmm good. 

  9. Your gunna have to quit teasing us,  Looking Great

  10. Gary this Gin and tonic is damn good too!!!  Dinner in about 30 minutes....and if the wife doesn't kill me I'll get a plated shot.  Of course she thinks I am nuts taking pictures of the food LOL

  11. hoity toit

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    Its all good man ..great job..gin be good too,,,I might add I live close to San Marcos Tx where the flooding in Wimberly was a week ago..
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  12. That's funny, my wife thinks the same way. 

  13. hoity toit

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    the smell be driftin over here too
  14. I think I can smell it too

  15. She looks at me like "what the hell are you doing"?  I say to her that I have been smoking and taking pics of it for a long time....and she just shakes her head.  HAHA.....they will never understand.

  16. Scott, when I smoked the stuff for the Grandsons graduation party, My wife said " You have to wait  !!!  He has got to take pictures !!" rolling her eyes.

  17. LOL......yeah I have seen that look. 

    Pan o' goodness

    Padron's Chicky Rub pieces. 

    Chipotle Lime Pieces.  Damn the kitchen smells of smokey goodness as well!!!

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    Looks tasty,are those "light" legs? Never seen the skin like that before.
  19. The skin pulled back LOL......so what you are seeing is the meat. 


  20. Money shots.  All turned out well.  The chicken was moist and tender with the right amount of sweet smoke.   The Mac and Cheese was a new recipe http://www.mamasemptynest.com/?p=3290 that we found on Pintrest and I would have to say it's one of my top 3 Mac and Cheeses I have ever had.  Gooey and creamy and flavorful.  All in all a GREAT meal. 

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