A Kahlua Pork and Teriyaki Chicken, for Scarbelly (Q View)

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  1. This past summer I asked for some help on smoking a Kahlua pork butt, and Scarbelly gave me the link on how to do it.  Needing the recipe last Friday, I pulled up SMF and noticed that he had passed away.  So for SB, here is the pork, thanks for the help!

    I smoked a 9 pound butt I purchased from Wal-Mart a couple of months ago.  Was surprised at the quality of the meat.  It was for a tailgate party with about 20 people there.  I used soaked cherry chips in my ECB with the electric attachment.

    I laid the foundation by placing a banana leaf in the bottom of the pan.

    I placed the butt fat side down after coating it with minced garlic, ground ginger, and red Hawaiian sea salt.

    After 10 hours in my ECB, I pulled it off and poured some ginger beer on it.

    I placed a banana leaf on top and put it back into the smoker for another 13 hours.

    Here is the finished product.  It was so moist and tender, and had a nice salty bite to it.  Served it on Hawaiian rolls and sticky rice.

    I also did a couple of pounds of boneless thighs.  I marinated them in Teriyaki sauce overnight, then threw them on the smoker for 2 hours.  I continued with the cherry wood, and after two hours, tossed them on my grill for a few minutes on each side, with an added sauce.  They were awesome.
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      That butt looks like it is begging to be touched so it can fall apart!  Nice job Scar would be proud.

  3. Sad thing is that I had one bite, before I wrapped it up with foil and packed it for the tailgate.  My hog friends ate the entire thing!
  4. so ms smoker

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       I would have them each buy me another butt to smoke. Then you would have plenty![​IMG]

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    WOW! That looks good, I can see why your friends scarfed it up, 23hrs. on smoke - it should have melted in their mouth...what heat did you smoke it?

    Got to try that , marked and filed...[​IMG]

    Have a happy Holiday Season and ...
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    Mike, morning..... very nice tribute to Gary....  [​IMG]
  7. That looks fantastic and I'm certain Scar would be proud!
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  8. I wish I knew what to tell you on the heat.  I have an ECB that I modded with an electric attachment.  It doesn't even have a thermometer, so sorry.  The heat had to fluctuate, since it snowed when I first started the smoke, and was cold throughout.  Thanks though, I was told it was good.  LOL.

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