A humble offering of Beef Ribs

Discussion in 'Beef' started by tbrtt1, May 16, 2015.

  1. OK, so I have been derelict in my posting duties and haven't been pulling my weight around here lately. Work and life have conspired to usurp as much of my free time as possible. Now, don't misunderstand me , I have had a few smokes over the last month, but I just haven't taken the time to take picks and do some posts. So I throw myself at the mercy of the court. 

    In an effort to get back into the good graces of the court, your honor, I humbly offer beef ribs as this weekend's smoke and rehabilitation effort. I posted the fished product before but just thought I would show a little of the prep this time and will post the finished product later this evening. 

    My favorite way to do them is to get the "whole rack". I put that in parenthesis since this is technically not a whole rack, but this is the bulk packing that the HEBs around these parts get. This is what they trim to death to repackage as short ribs. I get it in the vac pack as is:

    The come in 2 "racks" of 4 ribs for a total of 8 ribs

    I like to cut em up individually for more surface area so I can get more seasoning and bark on em (bark is like manna from heaven):

    I do a little trimming of silverskin if there is some and peel off the membrane off the back. They went into the refer for an overnight stay wrapped nicely with some rub. 

    Here they are going to meet their maker this morning with a some peach, wild cherry and a sliver of hickory Fruitawood into the #2:

    I ramp up the temp in steps using my PID to try to avoid wood scorching (about 1.5 hours in 3 steps) and will settle in at 235 for about 6 hours before I check em. At that time I'll inspect and stick a probe in a couple thick areas to see if I can get a good read. But it is more about feel for these. 

    Stay tuned.
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    Those look good!  I've never seen the "whole rack" in the stores around me.  Perhaps I should try a butcher shop.  I'll be watching.

  3. I have to ask them since they don't put the out. This is what they use to trim to make short ribs.
  4. timtimmay

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    Looks beautiful, I'm going to ask for those next time we butcher
  5. So I'm checking on these babies at about 7 hours in and my wife asks me what I'm wearing tonight? WTH? Ooops, we have a 50th wedding anniversary for one of her former coworkers last night, so hence the delay in posting the final product. They were her bouts done at that point, so I had to shut off the #2 and leave em for a couple hours. Worked out fine. They were done to my liking when I got home. Made for a nice late night snack. 

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    Looks delicious! I love beef ribs nad I've never cut them into singles before smoking.  I'm going to have to give it a try next time.  
  7. Thanks. If they are big enough, and they usually are when you get the rack in the vac pac, it is well worth it. More surface area for seasoning and bark. 
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    Nice looking ribs!  [​IMG]

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