A first for me.

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Apr 8, 2010
Ontario Canada
Well it was bound to happen. I have a Southern Pride SC200 as part of my arsenal and today, as I type this, I have an electric heater inside the smoke box just to get it warm enough to start.

It has a temp probe inside that won't let it start unless is a certain temp and I guess -25C is not that temp.

Fortunately the techs at SP are very helpful. He said to warm it up with a hot cloth, but that just wouldn't cut it.

I've got to get Bear Carvers snack sticks in and smokin...I've got people screaming for them after my last batch.

I'll have to admit I never would have thought this would happen
Good Grief!! That's kinda like having to pop start a Bentley isn't it? For that kind of money you'd think they'd figure out a way to make it work without having to preheat it. Good on 'ya for figuring out a way to forge ahead though!
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