A few more questions before I attempt this, if you don't mind.

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Dec 17, 2013
1) When you put the pellets or sawdust into the AMNPS, do you just pour them in and tidy up, or do you squeeze them together ?

2) I plan on using another independent internal thermometer, one with proven accuracy. Will the temp inside the smoker be able to reach higher temps with the bird out or in ?

Trying to make sense of what I just asked, I am trying to see how hot it can get inside if I crank it up. If I fire it up full blast without a bird inside, will that be an accurate gauge of how hot it can get ? Or will the presence of the bird affect the max attainable temperature  ?

Wow, that was difficult to ask.

and thanks for your patience.
Hello George.  You have gotten many welcomes but not many answers.  Sorry about that.  Have you seasoned your smoker?  I do not own your smoker but this may "bump" you question and allow others to reply.  May I just suggest; you have fired several questions in a short period, and folks can think they have already replied to that one.  I see where you are going with the temp question.  If you want to know the max temp for your smoker I would do it with nothing inside.  Once the meat gets to temp, maintaining the chamber temp will be easier but max temp is max temp for your smoker.  Your smoker will only ever reach that temp.  This is only my opinion.  Others may have different advice.  Good luck.

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Hex, morning..... Any amount of cold thermal mass will cool the temp inside the smoker... As the thermal mass temp rises, the smoker temp will rise.... unless you have a high Btu heater to keep up with the needed temp... When smoking meats etc. keeping up with the desired temp is not necessary as smoking is a low and slow process....
Baking bread, on the other hand, need a consistent higher temp to complete the baking process...

Did I confuse the issue ???

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