A few for Wednesday

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Mar 16, 2019
Brentwood CA
I visited a wishing well with my wife this morning and she fell in. I didn't know these things worked.

Willie, do you suffer with hemorrhoids?
What the hell else can you do with them?

Airline captain and his wife are asleep when the phone rings around midnight. Angry, the captain gets up and picks up the phone, listens for a while then hollers: “how the hell should I know, call the weather bureau.” He goes back to bed, his wife asks him, “who was it, dear.?”
Captain: “some guy wanted to know if the coast was clear.”

News Flash: Woman stops aggressive alligator with a .22 pistol.
"While walking along the edge of a pond just outside my house, discussing a property settlement with my soon-to-be- ex-husband, we were surprised by a large alligator emerging from the pond and suddenly charging us with his large jaws wide open. If I had not had my little .22 pistol I wouldn’t be here today. Just one shot to my estranged husband’s knee cap was all it took. The gator got him easily, and I was able to walk away. I saved a bundle in lawyer’s fees and his life insurance was also a big bonus.”
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