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A Fatty, Beef Ribs, and a couple ABTs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by thegoodsmoke, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. thegoodsmoke

    thegoodsmoke Fire Starter

    I wanted to try a bunch of new things today.  I started out by preheating the MES to 275.  Threw on the ribs with pepper, salt, garlic, and chili powder. 

    The membrane was hard as crap to get off so I just left it.

    All sauced up and ready to be cut.

    I do agree with what others have said about the butchers trimming the ribs too much.  Out of the whole rack, maybe enough for one person.  Maybe.  The taste was great though.  I smoked them for 4 hours straight and they were just to my liking.

    My first try at a fatty.  1lb JD regular, 1lb ground sirloin mixed up and flattened.  I forgot big ziplock bags at the store.  Added cheddar cheese and jalapenos. 

    Probed, I don't think I'll probe next time.  So much cheese, there's no way to get an accurate reading.

    Temp was reading 171 so I took the fatty and ABTs out.

    Looks good and tasted good for the bite I ate.  Unfortunately it didn't seem like the sausage and sirloin was cooked all the way.  It was in the smoker between 1.5-2 hours.  I'll go three next time.  I already had it cut so I couldn't throw it back on.  I wasn't going to risk it by feeding it to everyone else, so I tossed it.  Better luck next time.

    The ABTs I did had strawberries stuffed in them.  I wanted to do something different, I say why not?

    Bacon and pepper was good, not a real strawberry flavor.  It did have a hint of sweetness to it though.

    Hope you enjoyed the pics, and hopefully I enjoy a fatty next time.
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  2. bmudd14474

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    looks like you had a great day :yahoo: