500 gallon fuel tank reverse flow smoker build

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  1. I got 2 500 gallon fuel tanks for free! 1/8"-1/4" steel! Had some fuel still left in them! What's the best way to make sure they are fully cleaned so it cooks clean and no fuel smell or taste left! I in the pic they are standing upright. I plan on laying them down so it's 20" tall and 46" deep!
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    Cut the access doors and burn them out...    First you should remove the sludge accumulation and dispose of it properly...   Cut the openings with a cut-off wheel on an angle grinder...  If you flood the tanks with water mixed with dish soap to reduce the possibility of explosion, which is a good idea, or flood with CO2 using dry ice, the water will be contaminated and the CO2 can kill you...  either way, take extreme care...  OR find someone to do it...

    What is the volume of gas 1 pound of dry ice will expand to as it sublimates? .....   ~230 liters... / 3.785 = 60 gallons .... 

    500 / 60 = 8.33 #'s dry ice...  I would use 10#'s for each tank...  break it up into small pieces so it evaporates FAST   ...

    Flash points..
    Diesel Fuel (1-D)100 F
    Diesel Fuel (2-D)126 F
    Diesel Fuel (4-D)
    130 F         

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