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  1. So the 4th is almost here and usually when i smoke im always doing ribs, ribs n more ribs. Think this time gonna attempt pulled pork using pork butt. Thats pretty much what they sell in the store. So will see how it goes. Do good with ribs, knock on wood. Just gonna watch my smoke n make sure its coming out lightly n not thick. So far everything i have smoked has turned out good so must be doing something right.
  2. oddball

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    Give yourself a little extra time.  It took me a few attempts at pork to figure it out.  Nothing worse than being in a time crunch and the meat not cooperating.  They were all good eating.  But could have been better.  But then I set high expectations for myself.
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    I'll be doing the same as you. First time pork butt over the 4th. Pretty nervous though. The guys on this site have helped me though so I do have a little more confidence.

    Looking at maybe an 8 pounder or so. Doing it on a 22" weber kettle grill. I think I'm doing the snake method with the coals and hope to god it comes out good. Good luck to you too.
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    Just a little advice.....from experience....An 8 pound pork butt is probably going take long enough to burn through all the charcoal you can stuff into your kettle from the get go. I'd be willing to bet that the "snake" method will not give you enough fuel to complete the smoke. So if you'd like to avoid having to add charcoal in the middle of the smoke you might consider another variation of the "minion" method and set it up like this with the exception of using that many lit coals in the middle.....a dozen or so should work.

    Yeah I know it's a WSM but similar results can be achieved with a kettle too.....
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    That's great advice I appreciate you posting that. I don't want to hijack the OP's thread so maybe PM unless he finds this discussion useful ? If I do it like you're telling me where would you put the meat? considering it's a kettle grill would that be too close to the coals?
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    You have a private message.....

    To the OP.....butts are pretty easy....You should have no problems if you keep it simple!
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    On the 2nd (That's when they shoot the fireworks in Anthem ,AZ ) We are doing Smoked Bacon wrapped beer brats and dogs!!! May have to move my daughter and family on the 4th but if not I have a really pretty Brisket in the freezer!

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