4lb Pork Butt, 1 rack of Baby Backs - Pics!

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  1. Beautiful day today in southwest Michigan. Did my first pork butt (ever) and grabbed some pics during the process. I didn't follow any specific recipe or guide, just browsed the web for 10 minutes last night, took notes from various forums and websites, and gave it a shot. I have to say the end result was very delicious and now I'm a fan! Smoked in my Bradley 4 rack, various wood types. Some mesquite, some hickory, some old peterson pucks I had leftover from last winter. I can't ever tell the difference between the various woods, just me.

    Brined for 12 hours in a gallon of water and a cup of salt. Pulled out an hour before the smoke, covered with oil and rubbed it down with a commercial rub (bad byron's). I also dropped it in a ziplock and let it sit in warm water as to not drop my temps too much. Bradley struggles in maintaining temps especially with cold meat.

    Smoked for 5 hours at 240 degrees (plus or minus 15 degrees throughout the day), internal temperature was verified 190 degrees in 3 areas with my Maverick. A lot of websites/forums had me worried about timing, I thought I'd have to let it smoke/cook for at least 8 hours to reach the desired internal temperature.

    This guy was a great help! He got to 'sample' some of the finished product. Don't tell my girlfriend :)

    This was helper #2

    Must be tired from all the hard work (begging, that is)

    Corn, I cook mine in the oven. 360 degrees for 30 minutes, hit it with some salt and it's good to go. Simple.

    Oh and I also threw in a rack of Baby Backs. Butts and Baby Backs cook at a similar temperature (for me anyway), why not do both? I don't bother removing the membrane. Hit it with some homemade rub (ran out of byron's). 2.5x2x30min. I prefer not to do a full hour at the end. I like my sauce to stay saucy and not completely melt in to the meat, just my preference.

    Below is stage two. Soaking in brown sugar, honey, fresca (no apple juice on hand). Sometimes I do parkay butter, today I did not, turned out just fine without it.

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  2. knifebld

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    Awesome meal bud, how did the pork turn out?
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    Nice , a Pork Butt is hard to mess-up . Bark looks nice , too . Try your Corn in the smoker next time. I slather mine with Mayo. and recover with the husk. leave them in until your cook is done ( or 2.5 hrs.or so ).You'll need no Butter ,a little Parm . Cheese and GREAT. [​IMG]

    Oh, yes, try your Ribs 'sans' foil :

    Have fun and . . .
  4. Nice job.....and I second the NO FOIL remark.

  5. knifebld

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    LOL Here we go again!

    Never hurts to try without foil...but I'm a foiler so I think your method is perfect!

    Although Stan's suggestion in regards to the corns sounds very tasty!
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    Looks good!  Where are you at in Southwest Michigan?  I am in Northwest Indiana.

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