4lb Brisket

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Smoking at 4am

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Apr 23, 2021
Western Massachusetts
Smoking a 4lb brisket tomorrow for the first time. Just wondering about any tips anyone might have so I can make it perfect. I'm smoking on an off set Oklahoma Joe's barrel smoker.
So I have had to move the brisket into the oven. I wrapped it in tin foil since the bark was good. I put the lump charcoal in water to get as much heat as possible out of the coal chamber. I don't want my smoker to rust up. I think the humidity going up affected the stall. Since it's been in the oven it's doing better, I'm up to 183° now. I never thought a 4lb brisket would take over 8 hours but I guess that's experience I've earned now lol.
Yeah they can take a long time especially if injected. You've put a lot of time in and it will be done soon enough just dont get impatient and pull it early.
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