45 pounds of Butt !!! Q-View.

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  1. One of my best friends has a big St Patty's Day party every year.  He has been eating allot of my recent smoked food over the past year, so he asked if we could smoke some Butts for pulled pork sandwiches.  Sounded good to me and my other "cooking buddy" and I went to work early Sat.  





    On the smoker with some tasty ABT's for snacks. 


    Looking good! 


    Our  set up!




    Done!  They came out great and on time!  Everyone enjoyed.  Thanks for watching.  
  2. Butts looks great. What type of smoker is that? Looks nice.
  3. I'm not sue why some of the pics are upside down.  They upload fine and then flip....  Weird.

    The smoker is a Home Made one a local guy made for my "smoking buddy" a few years ago.  It performs well.  He had 28 Butts on it at once before!  
  4. Looks Great upside down or not!! I bet they tasted awesome!
  5. scarbelly

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    Looks like they came out great. Nice looking smoker too 
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    I bet everyone loved the PP. Now I'm a bit dizzy from standing on my head looking at a few of those pics. :biggrin:
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    Great job on the butts, nice smoker too [​IMG]

    May i ask what's in the injection?
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    Pretty nice Pork. I'm curious about the injection too...JJ
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    Originally Posted by raptor700  [​IMG]

    Great job on the butts, nice smoker too [​IMG]

    May i ask what's in the injection?
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  11. It's my buddy's injection so I don't know the specifics.  We've been using it for years and it works great.  I know it's base is Italian salad dressing and honey.  There are 14 ingredients in all.  Basically, he takes all the typical spices in his cabinet and adds them together (garlic, pepper, everglades, onion, cayenne, ect) then blends them up fine.  We inject the crap out of them.  I'm not sure you can use too much...  

    Hope this helps.  
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    Clearly, the Forum software does  not understand the gravity of the situation.

    HA! See what I did there?   [​IMG]
  14. :2thumbs:
    Good looking Eats right there!
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    PP looks good
  16. Thats a pretty sweet looking rig!!!   Butts look good too!!
  17. jpenny2525

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    I am sure it tasted as good as it looks. GREAT JOB! [​IMG]
  18. jbzz

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    Looks very nice. I feel like I have gained a few pounds after joining this site! Looking at the pics always makes me HUNGRY!

    I was wondering about the design of the smoke stack. Is it for form or function...or both?
  19. The stack was just a design.  It's meant to resemble a train stack.  
  20. It all looks so good.[​IMG]

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