4 day marinated bacon wrapped Top Rounds with q-view and some questions?

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  1. I went to stop and shop and they had Whole choice top rounds on sale, so I bought 2 of them. The first one my wife just made a simple pot roast for dinner. The second one I cut in half as it was to big for me to conveniently marinade. I used my meat tenderizer to beat my meat [​IMG], it's the kind with all the little needles. I then placed each half into a one gallon Ziploc. One piece was marinated in stub's marinade which I have never tried but it was on sale. The other one is marinated with oil, apple vinegar, Montreal steak, garlic powder, onion powder, and paprika. They were put in the fridge on Friday and turned over once a day. My wife made a bacon lattice and wrapped them for me. This is my first attempt at a lattice because I was worried the meat would dry out, plus well it's bacon so it makes everything better.

    I was quite proud of my wife for the bacon weave, except she had enough toothpicks I don't think I needed any wood chunks in my fire lol.

    I've never cooked a Top round like this any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm thinking of cooking to an IT of 135 and pulling it off to rest for a bit before slicing and serving. I put this on the bottom rack of my kamado as I plan on doing burgers and hot dogs on top. Each piece has to weigh in at somewhere around 3-4 pounds pre-bacon weight. I should add I have my kamado running at a low and slow 160 or so, figuring I'd keep raising temps as the IT increases.
  2. OK so after about an hour I turned the heat up to around 215, then an hour after that I turned it up to around 250-275. I pulled 1 at 140 IT and the other at 135 to try to give a wider range of medium rare and medium. Next time I think i'd pull at 130 and 135 because I like it a little more on the rare side than where it ended up after it rested for about 30 minutes.

    I should add this meat was deliciouse and juicy. Everyone liked it even the mother in law was impressed. Next time I think I would get the grill real hot while the meat rested and then put it back to crisp and char the bacon a bit.
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    Never tried that before...but I'd love to help you eat it!

    Looks really good, though as long as you don't overcook the meat I don't think the bacon wrap is necessary, but then again...if you can add bacon, why not!!!!

    The beef certainly looks sammich-worthy.  Maybe crank the heat up even more toward the end to crisp up that bacon!

    Nice job,

  4. Ha ha I had just edited the post to say I should have crisped the bacon a bit more. I won't lie crisping it would be for the family I have always liked my bacon squishy.

    I don't like roasts like this when they are chewy so I kinda added the bacon as insurance plus I figured like you said if you can add bacon why not.
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    They do actualy look more like eye of round roasts being that they were 3 to 4 pounds and the shape and all. However, they look real awesome and your wife gets a huge congrats from me for the wrap and you get congrats for turning out a great cut of meat. I realy can appreciate all the prep work with all the excelent results. Reinhard
  6. To be honest I threw out the wrapper from the meat and couldn't remember exactley what they had called it. They were quite good tho. I never by anything less than choice anymore, it's worth the extra money although I got these cheap maybe 3.99 a pound or so which here on long Island is a pretty good deal.
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    That's what's important, that the results where as great as they turned out.  That's just me being on old meat head butcher. The very important thing is the prep work and the effort you guy's did to produce great results with a fine piece of beef.  I wish i could make a bacon wrap that good and have the results you did. Reinhard

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