30lbs beef chorizo sticks/bulk

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Oct 21, 2013
Elgin Tx
Mixed up a batch of chorizo using chefRob recipe without the sauce. Ohhhhhh man this is good. Test fry was spicy and not greasy like the store crap around here. Store stuff is bad had to make my own. No lymph nodes, salivary glands, cheeks, noses or tripe in this. 15lbs snack sticks and 15 bulk.
Plan to smoke stix tomorrow following DaveOmak smoke schedule to see how it works and if i like the results. Normal start with10 degree bunps but stop at 150 for total time 24hrs.
I'm in, I love a good chorizo. Never had them in a snack stick.....  so uhh yeah, i could add more to my list.... 
    The wife is going to hate this site for awhile when I go home......
Yep, all beef. 80/20 ground chuck was on sale at the local grocery store so I loaded the cart. Traditionally its made with pork or a combination of pork/beef. After the fry test I'm liking the all beef. We will see how the stix turn out.
Dang it man that looks good,,, Nice load of snausage you have there,, Yeppers I'm watching 

A full smoker is a happy smoker and yours looks to be gettin happy soon 

Chorizo sticks? Brilliant! This is one of those why didn't I think of it posts. Point!

Flavor is really good, texture is a little dry. Might pull them a little sooner next batch but for a test run it is considered a success and the folks I gave some bulk too say it was really good! Whoohoo words i like to hear. Thanks everyone
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