3 Drums & 3 Thighs. (Naked in Air Fryer)

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Looks good . I made chicken and fries in mine last night . Does a great job .

Thank You Rich!!
I never was much into Chicken or Turkey, until I got this Air Fryer. The only thing I used to like about Turkey was the Sammies with the Cold Turkey Leftovers.
Now I love Thighs & Drums that go through this thing, and have had more Chicken in a couple months than I had the first 70 years of my life!!!
And Thanks for the Like.

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another fine looking meal (meals) there Bear, you are going to force me to buy an air fryer yet, but i have a feeling me and the air fryer will be knocking on door looking for somewhere to sleep.🤕

Thank You Jim!!
Mama will forgive you when she gets to eat some Chicken parts from Your New Air Fryer!!
And Thanks for the Like.

I used the air fry mode, so fans were on. Will try roast next time. I think used bake previously and it did get a little crispier.
Oh well, trial and error. It's edible regardless.
Thanks for the tips...

Yup---I forget which ones use what fans. I use the "Roast" setting for anything I want the full fans on. There are others, but I know "Roast" is one of them.
Air Fry & Bake might be the same. I just use Roast, so I don't have to remember all the others.
I only got so much room left up there for memories!!

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