3-2-1 NON-sweet ribs?

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  1. Hi folks, 

    What would you put in your foil (if anything) if you have someone who prefers "dry rub" bbq (no sauces), but VERY tender meat, and NOT sweet? (He won't eat sweet and sour or even applesauce with his pork chops or anything.) We *do* want the "Fall off the bone tender". 

    I'm smoking spare ribs with a bit of applewood chips (he's okay with that), but wondering about the foil step. Most instructions seem to have lots of honey or brown sugar or other sweeteners, which is nothing he would eat.

    Would a couple tbsp of plain apple juice give some moisture without sweetening the ribs much? Suggestions welcome. Thanks all!
  2. Personally I don't even think you'll need the apple juice. The ribs are so juicy still at the foiling stage that their own juices are more than sufficient to braise them to that fall off the bone texture. I would go naked the whole way.
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    I am in the no-sweet meat (or beans) camp too. Apple juice won't make them sweet. Water also works.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I think I will try just a little apple juice, now that I know it won't sweeten them. 
  5. Oh hey - bones up or meat up on the foil part?
  6. Meat down so it's in contact with whatever liquid more.
  7. Oh good! Hoping this works. When I went to foil the ribs, it looked like they'd pulled away from the bones a lot more than 1/4". I've been monitoring the temps and kept it around 200-225. Oops. Guess I should've checked them more often. (Now I know to start checking after 2 hours probably.) Hope they do okay anyways.  
  8. The pull away from the bone isn't always the best way to tell how they are cooking. As your seeing, some ribs depending on fattiness might shrink more than others. The best way to tell if they're finished would be a bend test. Use the search bar of google for some images of what it looks like. 

    But since you're foiling, they're gonna be falling off the bone, so I would go picking them and I'd just go with the 3-2-1 times..

    Also [​IMG]
  9. What's a qview? <--newbie
  10. Ha it's pictures of the process. Meat prep to finished plating. We love pictures around here...you'll learn [​IMG]  
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  11. Yes Sir. Next time for sure! ;-)
  12. Final question (Hah!) - around 2:40 now: the 2 hour foiling period is done. We're not eating until about 7pm. Should I put the ribs (in foil) in the fridge until an hour before dinner and then finish them up just in time for dinner? Leave them on the grill in extra foil? Something else? For the finish - I presume I put a meat thermometer in and bring them up to a temp. (I realize this is off-topic. sorry.) 
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    yes... just foil and finish later when ready to serve... on the grill will work....
  14. Meat up for the finish okay? 
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    Yes. Hope they're tasty!!
  16. They were awesome! Thank you all for your help!

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