2nd pork butt a couple questions

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Sep 7, 2015
I'm doing my 2nd butt today. Trying it at 275 to maybe get it done a little quicker but not dry it out. I have a couple of questions: when do I cut off the smoke if I don't want to over amoke it. Also when should I put it in an alum pan, wasn't planning on wrapping it. Was planning on spritzing for the first couple hours. Thanks
I usually let my smoke run out after about 2 hours. If you want to get done a little quicker and be moist, you will need to wrap it and put about 1/2 cup of apple juice in with it. Then let it go to at least 195* and let it rest for an hour in a cooler wrapped in a towel or blanket. It should take up the juices and work up to around 200* for a good result. Good luck. That's just my $0.02, others will give you some more ideas.
I do mine with a drip pan under the meat until 165 or so then put the meat in the pan and cover with foil. I don't add any other liquids but end up with 3/4 pan full of natural juices. I also cook mine at 275. Smoke until covering with foil.
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How much smoke is hard to say because nobody knows but you how much you like. I pretty much throw smoke at it every so often for the whole cook except when it's foiled. As for not wrapping, that's the only way I know to get it tender enough for pulling, which is all do with butt.I also wrap the foiled butt in towels and rest in a cooler for about an hour. Maybe you're planning to slice? I think you could put it in a pan from the get go so it could sit in it's own juices. You just wouldn't get smoke on the bottom, but you could always turn it. If you're using a pan, I think you should at least put foil over the top when you're done with smoke. Have you thought about injecting it with something?
It's mostly trial, error and learning experience, brother. Good luck and have fun!
BTW I've never pulled anything out of the smoker I couldn't eat [emoji]128513[/emoji]
Spritzing is not really needed and every time you open the door you can add 20 minutes to the cook time, your choice. I smoke the whole time. Smoke is only on the surface so once pulled and mixed the flavor is much more mild. I don't think you CAN over smoke a big piece of meat like a Butt... Don't rely on IT alone. Most smoke to 200-205°F but take the therm probe and test in several places. If it slides in with no resistance the meat is tender enough to pull. You can rest on the counter tented for 30 minutes or up to 5 hours wrapped in foil and towels in a cooler. Smoking in a Pan keeps the smoker cleaner and is convenient for handling. Those that foil usually cover around 160-170°, the Stall, and leave it covered until 205. If you are running short of time, foil with some liquid of choice and go in a 325°F Oven. You ain't adding smoke anyway so the Oven will speed the cook time...JJ
I fill my AMPS and it smokes about 11 hours. I smoke at 225 never wrap or spritz, I ride out the stall when IT gets to 196 I pull,wrap,stick in cooler with towels and let sit for 2 hours, comes out juicy and falling apart perfect....
Thanks everyone for the help. Did it at 250 until I wrapped it at 165 bumped it to 275 then pulled it out at 195 to rest. Bone pulled out with little effort. Wish it had a bit more bark and the bark was a little crispier but was very good.
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