2nd Attempt at Pulled Pork....

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Nov 7, 2016
Houston, Tx
I smoked a pork shoulder or butt (can't remember) about a month ago in my MES 30. It came out awesome !! I didn't take any pics thou....so shame on me.

I made another one after pork shoulders went on sale ( .94 cents a pound ) and i bought 8 of them. I'll make a few more, and have a few for grinding up when i make snack sticks.

Meat in the fridge!!

Nothing but Butt!!

Mustard for the binder.

Rubbed down and then wrapped up. Stayed in the fridge for 2 days.

This was about 5 hours in. I started around 6pm on a Saturday.

I was tired, and no beer, so off to shower and then bed.

This was about 1pm the next day. I didn't bother it when i got up

in the morning. Just made coffee and went to play some video games

before my son woke up and starting hogging the Xbox One. 

(No Pun Intended)

And the finished product. After foiling and wrapping in a towel, and letting it sit for 2 hours 

in a cooler. Me and my son went to the park and met up with some friends. Flied some kites, had some

frisbee fun. 

The bone fell out...it didn't pull out!! The bark was amazingly flavorful, and all the kids got seconds.

I made a finishing sauce for the adults, and the all loved it.

I didn't spritz the pork with apple juice every so often, because who has time for that?  I used my MES cold smoker and Hickory chips for

a total of 4-5 hours smoke time. No mopping the bark in the last 2 hours...basically, set it and forget it.

I cooked at 225. I set the MES to 250 when i first started, so the bark would form a little faster, and after 1 hour, back down to 225.

Took about 18 hours to hit 200. 

Took about 45 minutes to make it disappear.

Thanks for looking....because you must not be cooking !!

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After that long a cook time it is a real pleasure to see a perfect result................

Great looking pulled pork.

Sorry about not having any beer though..................
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