2nd Annual North Carolina Smokers Gathering April 26th, 27th and 28th 2013 (Now with lots of pix)

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Having gust arrived home from my local bar (0130) I take it yes come over.

ok, count me in, with a bit of luck +1. Will let you know.

I must admit the home made beer was the deciding factor for me.

Will let you know times of arrival and all things that matter in due couse.

Looking forward to the "Solar" cow, pig or what ever. 
It would only be fitting if we had an authentic leprechaun join us at the NC gathering. Scott and I will do our best to keep the rest of them from bugging you about your pot of gold. :biggrin:
I am new here but this sounds like my kinda gig. Count me in for some time. Not sure how much time but for sure a drop by and meet everyone. I am really enjoying this group.

An authentic Leprechaun, at 6' 1" and built like a nose tackle, I think not.

But I will bring over (if I can get it on the plane) some "Irish holy water" made at the

end of my garden; sorry I ment coming from the spring in the local parish church yard.!.!.!

As for the pot of gold, if your male NO chance, female, well I'm very easily lead astray.

On that note, time for bed as I'v a heavy weekend of sport, not taking part but with an

arm-chair,TV and plenty of ale.
I'm marking my calendar !!!

Sounds like a good excuse to bring ya'll some nanner puddin" and take my corvette for a drive....

Billy V in Kernersville 
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Bring the Lang if you like. We will have a smoker about the size of a locomotive but it will be cool to see other smokers in action. We are still trying to conceive a menu for the weekend so if you folks got ideas on what you'd like to make or bring or whatever, let us know.
You said there's room for some tents. what would the bathroom situation be? Guessing u have portajohns??

Could I park my car near my tent?

Sounds like a really good time! By then, I should be a pro...lol.
I'm going to do my best to get down one of the days.   I'm up here in  West Jefferson.   I'd love to meet  all ya'll.  

Will directions be posted?


 Is that ur house in the aerial shot in last yrs pics??

(reply by alelover) Yes it is.
Really nice area !!  I didn't have time to look thru the rest of the pics but what I saw looked like a good time.  I can't commit yet, as I have to google the distance and figure out how much gas it will cost....LOL !!  But I can say I'm 80% there. When I'm for sure, I will let you know what all I can bring or make there. Are you pretty close to grocery stores? 

This may be dumb question, but seems like most folks on here are "paired up" so wonderin....I won't feel like the red-headed (blonde-headed, actually...lol) stepchild if I come by myself, will I?
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