22.5 WSM from aimtofind.com

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Dec 7, 2009
Well i got me some Xmas money and im wanting to buy a 22.5 wsm... i know aimtofind.com is probably the cheapest place, but is it a good place to buy from? ive not really heard anything bad from the place, but i havent really heard anything good besides for cheap prices... If anyone can tell me anything that would be great.. im prob gonna order one in about a hour or so when i get done with some stuff around the house...
I picked up my 2nd wsm from them, at that time they were the cheapest and I still think they are cheapest and shipping only took 1.5 days. I would buy from them again. 
Grats on the Christmas present to yourself! Yeah I have seen several folks that used aimtofind.com and were very happy with the results, I'm lucky enough to have a local vendor here who actually stocks them and usually sells them for $40-$60 cheaper than full reatail.
yea nobody around here sells them... last year i started smoking and bought a char griller smoking pro, which i do enjoy using but i keep hearing about how amazing these WSM are so i had to buy one
yea nobody around here sells them... last year i started smoking and bought a char griller smoking pro, which i do enjoy using but i keep hearing about how amazing these WSM are so i had to buy one

 LOL... that's the exact same route I took - Char-griller was OK good place to learn, then got jelous reading all these WSM posts, got the 22.5" WSM and have never looked back since! After the Char-griller you will almost feal like you are cheating with how much easier it is to do long smokes on the WSM.
yea thats what i hear.. i almost wanting to do some monster briskets but i didnt wanna try on the CG because i knew i would have to baby sit the CG all day and all night.. i hear these things can keep temps steady for 10+ hours
Always check the dome temp gauge, I normally put a probe thru a tato on the top rack to double check top grate temps, it burns hotter than the bottom grate. A lot of people foil the water pan, I do not, cause I like to give the wild animals something to snack on (grease). A 3 gallon milk/whiskey jug for filling the water pan with HOT water.

Lump charcoal, wood chunks, brisket and a butt and 2 slabs of Baby Backs, OH!! and of course a cooler full of beer, is what I would recommend buying for it (sounds like my after X-Mas wish list).
so is there anythang else u guys would recommend buying for it? or any thang else i need to do..
Here is a mod I did to mine to get probes into each rack without having to go through the door: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/94076/wsm-mods  

Another idea (I havn't tried it yet), was for shorter smokes place 4 bricks inside the charcoal ring so they form a hollow square. Fill the square area with charcoal for your minion burns, this allows you to use a lot less charcoall, but still keep it concentrated in one area for better burning.

A good wire brush is a must, I have found the Weber brush that is shaped like a triangle with a spiral of bristles along one edge is the best so far. The bristels fit the weber racks perfectly.... go figure, both are weber products... lol.

Some sort of little work table/surface is also highly desireable.

Other than that don't be afraid to ask questions.
how much charcoal do u use on average for ribs? (babys or spares) this is probably what i cooked mostly on my smoker and i was wondering how much charcoal u add to the charcoal ring before u add the lit chimney.. i also ordered a meat thermometer by Oregon Scientific AW131, they claim it has a 300 foot range for the wireless...
I use lump, so I use almost a a full bag (8.8lbs) between the charcoal chimney and the ring. The thing about lump is, it does not go to ash after your done smoking, just shut down the dampers and then you'll have some left for your next smoke. I do this if it is one slab (it's never been one slab) or a smoker full and then control with the dampers.
My rule of thumb is for shorter smokes like ribs, chicken, fatties, meatloaf, ect. I fill the ring 1/2 way (unless the weater is really cold or something, then it gits filled). For long stuff like shoulders and brisket I fill the ring to the top.

The ring on the 22.5" holds a full 16 lb. bag of kingsford blue, or about 1.5-2 bags of lump (depending on how tight you pack the lump). I always, always keep an extra bag on hand just incase I have to add more charcoal - especially in really cold weather. I have found the easiest way to add on a long smoke is to have two chimney starters, fill them both full, let them get 1/2 to 3/4 lit them dump them both into the charcoal ring using the door as a chute. Then spread the coals out using a fireplace shovel or something. You will get a bit of a temp spike, but it is usually shor and manageable.
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