21 day dry age grass fed strip loin roast - thought it would take longer, will temp hold like a brisket

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Aug 15, 2016
a repeat of my favorite meal in 2021 (https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/21-day-dry-aged-grass-fed-strip-loin-roast-half.312394/) but with a whole roast vs last years half. I thought this would take longer to cook which does not seem to be the case

  • 6.74 LB 21 day dry aged grass fed strip loin
  • Scored fat cap, seasoned with a1 steak sauce, cob, garlic powder, onion powder & a little salt that sat covered in the fridge overnight
  • Using Grilla chimp that started with zero issues in 8 degrees (wind chill -9 degrees)
  • smoker on 9:18am and was holding at 275 at 9:40. brought meat of from fridge
  • into smoker at 9:55am w fat cap up and probe inserted, reduced to 205 temp
  • I have been gradually reducing the temp as its cooking faster than last years cut that about half the size
  • 12:20; basted with butter currently 108 degrees with the smoker at 180 degrees.
my plan is to pull at 128 and rest for 30 minutes. Will serve half of the meat today with a Demi glaze. The other half will put into the meat slices for Monday's lunch

Question: If I treat it like a brisket (wrap in butcher paper, in a cooler that is filled with towels), will the temp hold if I need to delay for when guests arrive?


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Was very good. I prefer the next day where I put it thru the meat slicer and just eat straight vs eating the slice of meat on Christmas.


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