2 pork shoulders in my MES 30

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Dec 8, 2013
New Harmony Utah
We did a pork shoulder a couple weeks ago and it was fabulous.  One of our neighbors was so impressed that they asked us if we would do one for them.  We told them we would and they brought over a two pack of shoulder roasts from Costco last week.  They said one was for us to keep.

Well yesterday we took them out of the freezer and last night we rubbed them and wrapped them and back into the chill chest.

This morning they went into the smoker and they are a good 2/3 of the way done.

Here is what they looked like this morning.

I will post pics when they come out of the smoker.  We are using a mix of hickory and apple.  It was awesome last time.

OK, finally both roasts are done.  IT temp of 190 on the first one happened at 7:45 PM after 10 hours at 230* in a mix of apple and hickory.  The second one wasn't done until 9:45 PM after we turned the temp up to 275* and same wood.  Both had an IT of 190* and both pulled easy.

They are absolutely awesome.  the neighbor came over and collected their share and since it is so late we will devour ours tomorrow.  It came out just as good this time as it did the last!  More time, but it is 25* outside and there was 30 pounds of meat in there.

So we used the rub recipe I posted on the last one.  Pretty close to Jeff's, so if you missed it, just use his.  We rubbed the meat with yellow mustard then brown sugar and then the rub.  It was wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in the fridge over night.  this morning we preheated the smoker while the roasts sat out and came to room temp, then in they went.  We added soaked chips about four times total.

10 hours for the one roast and 12 for the other.  I think next time I'll use a higher temp after four hours.

This is the roast we got to keep.  The other one looked just about the same.  I also think that if it is going to take 12 hours, we should foil it the last two.  Some of the spots were down right burned.  Very tasty though!

It does look good. 

The same happens here, every time I fire up my MES 30 inch smoker.  I will talk to my neighbour mid week, tell him my weekend plans, then Saturday arrives, I have a marinated piece of meat ready to go, he sees me, runs to the store and buys the same kind of meat, then brings it to me and wants it smoked.   When I tell him, maybe you should have bought this Thursday and marinated it, he scoffs and says oh well.  So I smoke it, and when done, he tastes mine and his and wonders why they taste so different.
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I did the same with a 9 pounder last night, overnight- and overslept this morning after many hours of fussing over the biggest hunk of pork I've ever attempted in my MES.

I think I started out too low- to slow- but someone turned the heat up last night, and I woke up panicking, to a well-done butt.

I, too, used hickory and apple.

I brined, then coated in mustard, brown sugar, and my own rub.

Since it seemed a bit hot for me this morning, I let it come to temperature in my 31 degrees back yard in a sealed kettle.

I agree, next time we might have to wrap it before the long haul. I went 4 hours without touching a thing.

Mine fought me coming out of the smoker, and broke in half. (Darn, I had to taste the loose bits)

I'm not a big fan of pork, but I'm definitely a convert after this. I am excited about the look on my son's face when he gets his first bite of real pulled pork.

It's his birthday today, and this was his menu request.

I poured a thin finishing sauce that includes balsamic, craft beer, and some hickory sauce.

I'll shred after I get the rest of my menu finished, and serve on homemade hawaiian rolls, like sliders.

It sounds like you had better results- but I've learned after 6 kids and a fussy husband, to cover my tracks and make it work.
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