2 Oven Vertical Smoker

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    Recently finished a 2 oven vertically stacked smoker project i have been working on. I have a Char Griller Kamado style cooker but it has a limited space and since i have a big family and like to feed everyone i needed more cooking capacity. I decided to build a smoker that was going to be just 1 oven and was having problems with the firebox so i just decided to use another oven as the firebox. My main goal was to be as economical as possible since i could just spend a couple hundred bucks and get a bigger smoker. I got the 2 ovens for free and used parts and metal i had lying around or pieces i stripped off the ovens. In the end it cost me about $20 to make the smoker. With the 4 cooking grates it has over 1500 square inches of cooking space.

  2. Very imaginative!  I don't see any thermometers on the unit... how do you guage the temperature?  did you consider adding a stack for the smoke/vent control?  What does the inlet to the firebox look like for controling your air intake?

    Great use of resources!!!  What have you cooked?
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    For the temperature i plan to use my maverick probe dropped through the outlet vent. Originally i wanted to make a stack but the top of the oven had some contours and i just didnt have any material to make it so i just did a a flap. The top pictures shows the inlet. Its 3 2" circles and i made a slider with the same circles to control air flow. I haven't had a chance to cook yet. I finished it Sunday so i only had a chance to do a little seasoning burn for 2 hours. I was gonna cook this weekend but i am currently heading to Reno for the rib cook off

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