$2.29 lb St Louis Rib alert

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wimpy69, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Bottom dollar stores have them this week for $2.29 lb. Have gotten them twice there, so far have been happy. Cyro-vac'd. Not ultra low, but am going to stock up for football sunday smokes til i see them cheaper. Nice butcher, w/flap and some lower tips for cooks snacks. Smoke on.
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    Awesome find! I will check out there sister store "Food Lion" to see if there is a similar deal!
  3. Made out really well, Swift Premium $2.29lb w/BD card. Asked the young fella if they possibly had frozen i could look at. Sure, so back to the freezer/weigh room, he helped me go through the two last boxes and ended up with 6 nice uniform 3-3.5 lb'ers. Pay's to be friendly these day's. Told me they get a set amount and would be going on sale again next month. He mentioned he see's me in the store weekly and would give me a head's up. Also set me up with butt slice CSR's ( $1.19 lb). I think i've got a meat guy. He knew what i was buying and said if i see him while i was there, ask what they had in the back. I'll pass on any news. Cooked up the CSR'S and made a little poormans' pulled pork ( cost-$4.34) Sugar Maple Wood w/NC Apple Cider Vinegar Mop. Kicka#@ sammies/wraps.  Smoke  ON.
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    That would be a stock up price for whole ribs in my area?

    If you are getting St Louis cuts for that, I would definitely stock up!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    $1.99 , here at Kroger [​IMG]

    Later . . .

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