1st time Smoking beef ribs

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tim smith

Original poster
Sep 1, 2006
I have made ribs twice and I would like all of you to know the steps I took each time so that you may help me improve.
Both times I hickory smoked pork ribs with apple chip wood, was unaware that there was a membrane that needed taken off, smoked them for about 8 hours at temperature range of 170-225. And had a water pan underneath.
Each time I followed smoking with an additional few hours in the oven at 170. One time I boiled before smoking and the other time I did not.
Both times the flavor has been excellent and the ends have been tender, but the rest of the rack has been a little too tough.
Please help!!!!!!!
I am having guests this weekend and want to impress!!!!!!
Tim I have done beef ribs and it all depends on the cut of the rib. For starters I would do the 3-2-1 method .. and never boil the ribs unless you're making soup. smoke'm at 250deg for 3 hours .. wrap in foil <add some apple juice or beer about 1/4 cup> cook another 2 hours in the foil .. and take them out of the foil and firm them up in the smoker for another hour or less .. At this point you can play with the timming to your liking ..

PS: Tim, what kind of smoker do you have? I use hickory or oak, I like oak more for ribs.
Thanks for the tips Joe. The weekend smoke turned into chaos. My brother and I put the ribs (we wound up with both beef and pork) on but had trouble getting the fire up to 250 degrees. After 4 hours smoking(hickory) at about 190 we ran out of time, wrapped them up and put them in a cooler after adding brown sugar, apple juice and butter. 2 hours later and after the movie(Lady in the Water) we checked them and obviously they where not close to done. So we put them in the oven at 275 for 2.5 hours and my brother left. After that I again put them in the cooler for,what I intended to be 2 hours, but wound up being 4 hours because I fell asleep.
Now the good stuff, much to my surprise when I did finally open the ribs (at 3:30 am) they where awesome, fall off the bone tender. But slightly dry.

So 24 hours late, we will be eating the ribs tonight and I'm sure my two boys won't care if they are a little dry.

One thing I learned through this: smoking is not something I can time to the minute. next time I will leave myself more time for adjustments.

Good luck to all
Tim, to bring your ribs back from being dry .. try this .. Wrap in foil and ad 1/4 cup of apple juice or beer seal up the foil and place in a sheet pan in a preheated oven at 250 deg for an hour .. this may ad moisture back into the ribs .. You can then place them on a grill for a few minutes to firm them back up.... Or you can foil them and place them in a preheated oven at 250 deg . seeing how there not going to get more smoked when foiled .. and you save fuel in the smoker.

Tim, you can't rush a good smoke. Like we say "They're done when they're done!"
Dutch, The wife has learned a lesson .. she use to ask when the meat would be ready and I would reply with the same answer .. "when it tells me it's done" a few of those and soon enough they get the message not to rush the meat ..

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