1st pulled pork on MES 30"

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  1. Okay, I've done just chicken so far on this smoker. I wanted to gradually work my way up to pull pork then ultimately Texas brisket. So I marinated 10 lb pork shoulder(it was on sale for same price as a 4 lb. so no brainer) over night with mustard base and store bought rub. I was concerned on time with it being so big that the next morning I cut it in half to reduce time cooking. Also I cranked the heat to 275•, I've read on here low and slow is the best way to go but I started at 8am and didn't want to eat at 10pm if I cooked on a lower temperature.

    So first 3 hours I fed a mix of pecan and apple chips and had apple juice in water pan. After 3 hours, I inserted probe and IT was already at 160-170. Interesting. I don't how thought with it being that big of a piece it would take longer to get to the "stall" temp for wrapping. Interesting. So I went another hour just in case my probe was off. My probe wasn't off because after an hour the IT kept climbing. By looking at it bark was forming and you could see the juice flowing out. I wrapped and lowered temp to 250• this is after being in smoker for 5 hours. I guess this is what 275• does jeez.

    Now after 2 1/2 more hours I check and IT is 212• really?! Okay I'm pulling now and wrapping with blankets and getting to cooler for 2 more hours. When I removed shoulder out of cooler and started to pull it was very tender. My BBQ gloves went through it with ease. I didn't even use forks it was that tender. I'm happy with results but this is where I need criticism and tips. I think next time I'll try 225-250 if I get a larger piece of meat and I'll trust my probe for temps and stop worrying about time.
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    Throw time out the window as anything but a loose planning guideline and cook to temperature. You'll be much happier with your results.

    7.5 hours with a wrap on a 5 pound (half your 10 pound butt) sounds spot on for cooking at 275.

    I cook my pork butts at 265-275. I've done low and slow butts at 225 when I've done briskets. There is a taste difference but it's not substantial enough (in my opinion) to justify the extra 12-14 hours cook time. If I'm cooking briskets already I'll throw a pork butt in and be happy with it but if I'm just cooking butts or butts and chicken it's going to be at ~275.
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  3. I think what I learned is trust my equipment and like you said throw time out of the window. I was satisfied with product but final temp was 211• and a little mushy but very flavorful. I think like everyone else 205• should be perfect. So you think 275• is a good temp for pork butt?
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    Different smokes for different folks. Some people swear by 225 and they're not wrong. It makes a great pulled pork. 

    I do prefer 275 though just for convenience. Start checking for tenderness at 200 with a probe and you'll be golden. Usually it's 205 but sometimes it 200 or 202 or 207. Every piece of meat is different.
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    Sounds like a great smoke!

    Do you have any photo's?

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    Looks to me like you nailed it, Creole. I cook at 260 to 280 because it's a struggle to keep the temps lower than that in my smoker. Struggling takes the fun out of it, and frankly I've had people tell me my PP is as good as any they've had in a restaurant.
    Good job!

  8. Thanks Dan. 1st one and I was generally happy with it I don't think I'll be using so large of a shoulder next time and I won't wrap so I can get that crispy bark. The good thing is I can keep trying until I find what I like. I am definitely falling in love with smoking.
  9. The pulled pork looks wonderful. I plan to serve pulled pork this weekend to family and friends. I wonder what bread to serve with the pulled pork? Regular hamburger buns?  Potato buns? White bread?

    Since I don't live in what I consider to be "BBQ country" I can't just go to a local BBQ Joint and see what they serve. 

    I plan to have a pan of pulled pork, a "Texas style" bbq sauce, and dill pickle slices.

    I'll also have cole slaw and smoked mashed potatoes.

    But what kind of bread?

    Any suggestions?


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    We usually just use good hamburger buns. Pulled pork works just fine with any of those options though.
  11. I initially made PP for nachos which came out great but the next day I did make sandwiches. I just used ordinary buns but toasted so I had contrast in texture. I added mustard, Pico de Gallo (I'm in Texas), and jalapeno slices for heat. Talk about better than the nachos.
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    Yeah, you're hooked! 😊
    It's hard to find smaller shoulder butts, but I found a fix. Just cut a few slices off the ends and freeze em. They fry up really nice and you can get it down to a more manageable 6 or 7 lbs...
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    Any good quality bun works. I don't care for kaiser, though, they come apart. Make sure you plop some of that slaw on the PP with the bun 😋.

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