1st Pulled Pork - Need some input

Discussion in 'Pork' started by beedsboys, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. I plan on smoking my 1st pulled pork this weekend for the super bowl in my WSM ..

    How big of a cut do I need for 10 ppl?

    Looking for any links to recipes, sauces, etc.


  2. pgsmoker64

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    Hello BB.  It sort of depends on appetites but if you get a 9 pound butt you'll get about 6 pounds of pulled pork.

    Here is Billbo's world famous rub it's really good on pork butts - I don't have the link but I stored the recipe.

    Billbo’s Rub

    1/2 cup paprika
    1/2 cup kosher salt
    1/2 cup light brown sugar
    1/2 cup granulated garlic
    6 tablespoons granulated onion
    1/4 cup chili powder
    1 tablespoon fresh ground black pepper
    1 teaspoon cumin
    1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper

    Just mix all together and store in glass or plastic. Rub generously!

    And here is a link to my finishing sauce - use a little to flavor the pork after pulling - and my BDSE sauce, which is AWESOME on pulled pork or just about anything else.


    Put the rub on a naked butt let it sit until it darkens slightly then put it in your WSM at about 225 - I use a 50/50 blend of hickory and cherry wood for the smoke.  Figure on at least 2 hours per pound on the pork butt.  You want at least a 195* F internal temperature for pulled pork.

    Make sure you figure in some time to wrap it and rest it after cooking - at least one hour.

    I hope your pork turns out great!!!!

    Good luck and get smokin'

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  3. bill has you covered. i take the internal temp to 200 to 205 then foil and rest. you can put in ice chest wrapped in towels to hold if you get finished to early. early is always better than late.

    you will do fine. no worries. everyone will love it.

    happy smoken.

  4. helljack6

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    If you have a Sam's near where you live, they generally sell 18-20lb packages of pork butt. Don't be alarmed because 1.) it's actually two separate pieces split down the middle and packaged together, and 2.) depending on how large of sammiches you want your guests to have, even after cook shrink, you can give them some pretty big two handed sammiches.

    Pork, is probably the most forgiving meat after 190 degrees. I'm speaking from experience, it's HARD to really mess it up. To give you an idea about how much you can really serve with a 10lb butt, I took a friend's wife's hand who when closed around a handful of pulled pork, resembled roughly the size of a tennis ball amount, put that on a bun, and fed about 150-160 people with 30lbs of pulled pork. Each person got a decently sized sammich as well as a whole lot of other stuff on the plate.

    For pulling, if you have a stand mixer with a dough hook, makes quick work of pulled pork and you don't burn your fingers.
  5. the math doesn't add up 30lb divided by 160 people equals .1875 lb per person that's about the size of a MCD's little burger. just my .02
  6. cliffcarter

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    At 150 people it equals 3.2 ounces per sandwich, 160 people is 3 ounces per. Gives a bit better perspective than the decimal pound calc.

    Does seem a bit skimpy though.
  7. jarjarchef

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    10# butt will get you about 5-6# finished product..... You will have enough for some to take to work and make them drool too...... So that will give you about 8oz per person, lots of pulled pork. Now if you have more food as well you can cut back as needed........but PP freezes real well, just don't add any vinegar or acidic liquid to it, or it will get real mushy.......,

    Most people cook their butts to 200-205 then wrap and hold in a cooler..... I cook at a higher temp to 190 then wrap and rest.......what a lot of people forget or do not know about is carryover cooking.......in short it is the OT and IT balancing out, when you wrap the butt in foil then a towel and place into a cooler. Your IT can rise as much as 15 degrees, because the heat has nowhere to go..........You can end up with a mushy texture or for me over cooked pork....... I also finger pull my pork, I like bigger chunks........if heat is a concern put some cloth gloves on and then some surgical gloves over the cloth gloves.....do that all the time at work with large parties when panning up the food......

    I am sorry can not copy and past all of the info while on the iPad (stupid how it works), but this is a link to my rub and from there you can see a few cooks and also a link to the foiling sauce as well.....

  8. helljack6

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    roughly was the key word when I wrote that. call it what you will, I just said I did it. pulled pork wasn't the only meat being served that day so 3.2oz or WHATEVER it was they got, went far enough. I'm not here to bash anyone's math skills, but if you're going to "break down" my method, perhaps you should be there when I cook so you can understand how it's being done, why it's being done and how i'm able to come to that conclusion.
  9. pgsmoker64

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    [​IMG]   Easy there guys...

    Don't let things get out of hand - we're just talking bbq.  Be happy!!!
  10. helljack i don't think anybody was bashing. i for sure wasn't. by no means did i mean anything bad about you. i broke it down to size so that they would know how much they were serving. your serving size is about what they say 1 serving is. most people eat more than 1 serving. take the 1 pound T-bone.

    sorry if i offended you.

  11. jirodriguez

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    any hooo.... back to Beedsboy's.... lol

    If you only got 10 people comming over a single 8-10 lb. pork butt (shoulder) will do you just fine, but if you want some left overs (and who doesn't!) then cook up two of em! [​IMG]  Like others said the left overs vacuum pack and freeze wonderfully. If I'm going to fire up my WSM I plan to fill both grates with something, then break it down to 1 lb. vacuum bags and freeze them.
  12. helljack6

    helljack6 Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    Vacuum sealing works wonders, I have to agree. Also makes reheating a snap as you can just take the vacuum sealed pouch and put it in water and warm it up without drying it out.

    Regarding my other post comment, don't throw technicals into BBQ, they have no place. If you want to get technical about something, then you should be competing on the circuit, here we're a bunch of backyard weekend (or weekday or all week for that matter) smokers. I'll leave it at that.
  13. pgsmoker64

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    AMEN!  Plenty of room on the WSM and it doesn't take any more fuel.

    Good choice.
  14. cliffcarter

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    After rereading your post and noting the sentece in bold, I think about 3oz may be about right. You do not mention other meats, only the PP, so we could not have known about that and went with the info you provided. If you were offended by my "a bit skimpy" comment, I apologize.
  15. Thanks for all the tips... Looking forward to getting it started! Will share some pics....
  16. 8 lb pork and 7 lb brisket with dry rub

    Figure to put on smoker at 11 pm for Sunday dinner ... Each on its own rack. Does it matter what goes on top?

    Trying to give myself lots of buffer time especially should my alarm not go off at 4 am for my early am check.

    Here we go ...
  17. Well? Hows everything going? i would say put the pork on the bottom because its thicker and should cook longer.
  18. I managed to get them both on same rack ... My first over night smoke so I slept on the couch by the deck door so I could keep my eye on temp ... Put the meat on at 12:00 am and only lost temp once around 3:30 am

    Changed brands of charcoal in middle (from green egg to duraflame) and the new stuff seems to burn longer

    Will post a pix shortly ... Scared to peak right now!
  19. thats ok i put mine on at 6am and i lost temp when i went to get some more wood. it happens to us all. just keep at im sure they will turn out great. 
  20. First pics after 10.5 hours ... Hoping to pull by 4 pm ... Who knows!

    Oh ya ... Forgot to mention .. -8 degrees Celsius about 5 F and snow on the ground ... Pleasant evening!


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