19 LB Packer for Saturday

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  1. Alright here we go with my first post,

    I have been smoking brisket for a few years now and normally do 7-10 a year. Today I will be starting my 19 lb packer for dinner tomorrow night. I will be posting photos along the way of my process from trim to smoke to finish. If you have any advice or changes along the way, or if you have any general comments please feel free to let me know. It needs to go on in about 6 hours so I will update this with a trim and rub picture shortly. Thanks to all who follow as I am looking forward to lots of information tonight. Smoker is a Brinkman trailmaster limited and I will be smoking with 1/2 apple wood and 1/2 mesquite. 
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    Wow that's a big one!  It is going to take a long time for that to cook.
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    19lbs is pretty big. I've seen a few of those at WM recently. 

    Even after trimming I think you'll still have a good 16-17 lbs there. I would expect it to take a solid 14 to 15 hours to smoke one that big. 

    I have a 12.72lbs packer that I am doing tomorrow. Took it out of the freezer yesterday to start thawing. Going to get it on by about 7am tomorrow morning and we put it through a good 10 to 11 hours of smoke. 
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  4. be careful not posting any pics you could get a few of these....[​IMG]lol
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  5. Looking forward to this.  I picked up my first 14 pounder untrimmed today.  I have done a reasonable amount of BBQ, but not a brisket.
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  6. Wow that's a big boy. Pics please!
  7. Alright here it is after a short time it came in at just under 17.5 lbs so with some basic math I am thinking a 20 hour cook should do the the trick with 1-3 hours in the cooler if it gets done early. That said if it takes longer I have those same 1-3 hours to let it go low and slow until its done. I have seasoned it and put it in the refrigerator, and should be starting the cook in about an hour and ten minutes. I have added a full size spoon for a size reference. 

  8. Just put it on the smoker. Can I document this by video? I will try and hope I don't violate any terms
  9. That's a good lookin cut. Can't wait to see the results.
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  10. I agree it was a very clean cut and I did not have to do much trimming. I will post the 6 hour mark photo in 4 hours. Already thinking about enjoying it haha
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    Looks good so far! Planning any burnt ends? Good luck!
  12. Wow! nice cut there.
  13. Ok so here we go with last nights updates, below is the 6 hours at 210 degrees. This is 11:30 pm CST

  14. Here we go with the update from 11 hours into the cook. I took this photo about 10 min before updating my posts. The internal temp is around 155 so we are starting to move up. I am going to keep it at 215-225 for another 4-5 hours and kick it up a bit if needed.
  15. Alright 16 hours in the books and still in the stall at 159-165 depending on the probe location. Been here for two hours so hopefully it will be coming out soon.
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    That's a very big brisket, I think you have many hours to go. 
  17. I believe so. Hopefully it can come off around 2 and cooler for 2-3 hours.
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    The packers I've cooked lately have been in the 10 to 13 lbs range and usually I cut them in half, easier to work with.  You could try that.  Not sure if you are a foil wrapping fan or not, but it is suppose to speed up the cook.  You may have to increase the temp too, otherwise I don't think you are going to be able to get that much meat close to be being done by 2pm.  If you haven't yet I would raise it to the 225-250 degrees range.
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  19. I have the extra time and the meat is on point with a great bark. I don't wrap them until I cooler them so I'm going to ride it out and see how it goes.
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    Glad it is progressing nicely, this is one I've been real curious about.

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