18 lbs. Pork Butts with hourly Temperature Log

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    Sam's Club Pork Butts $1.58 per pound. Worth the membership alone just for the pleasure to buy their meat.


    Out of the fridge at 4:00 am all rubbed up and ready for a little injection. This time I used Jeff's rub but I added

    the following. 1 tbls each of cumin, granulated ancho peppers and turmeric. I also added 1/2 cup of Willinghams

    Wham spicey Cajun rub. I always mix the rub at least two days prior so all the spices mix together. I usually stir

    the rub mixture several times a day or shake the container. 


    I kind of neglected my picture taking duties this time around. Forgot to shoot these and now one is already foiled.[​IMG]

    These butts were nice sixed both just an oz or so shy of 9lbs. OK let me share my foil sauce with you.

    3 cups apple juice

    1 stick butter

    2 tbls my rub

    1/2 cup ea. Brown sugar and white sugar

    1/2 cup honey

    1/4 cup Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

    2 tbls mollasses

    1/8 cup ea. balsamic vinegar & wine vinegar

    2 tbls fresh minced garlic

    2 tbls Moore's Marinade

    1 tbls ea. Tiger sauce and Pickapeppa sauce

    I conbined all ingredience and brought it to a boil. Then reduced the heat and let is simmer for 20 minutes to evaporate some of the liguid so the sauce thickened some.

    I only used about 1/2 of the mixutre and split it between both of the foiled butts. I reserved the rest about a pint jar to mix with the pulled pork. I turned out that I didn't need the extra pint of sauce but I will use it when I reheat the pork after it has been frozen and

    thawed and reheated. I love it!..................[​IMG]


    I did a log this time to watch my progress. It is hard to remember where the temp was an hour ago. Notice the stall

    at 2:00pm on the Maverick left chart and the Campfirs chart at 2:00 pm. This was fun charting the progress. Try it!

    The first one was done in 11.5 hours and the second one the smaller one took 13 hours. Go figure...[​IMG]


    Here is the first butt after it rested for and hour and pulled to perfection. I forgot to take pics of the second OOoops![​IMG]


    All 18lbs bagged up and ready for the freezer. I usually make 1.5lb. bags. I should have my vacuum sealer next week

    and bags from Lisa...Check out her web site. Good people...http://shop.vacuumsealersunlimited.com/
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    Great price!  Is that their every day price or a special?
  3. Sam's....It's their everday price. I smoke two about once a month and the price is always the same..
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    Looks great
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    Great job!  Nuttin' wrong at all!!!!!
  6. Like the temperature log idea. Im gonna have to borrow that.

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