15# Brined Turkey Approx. Cook Time?

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Nov 3, 2010
Moses Lake, Washington
I am smoking a 15# turkey for a family friend today. I brined for 24hrs in Tip's brine, then rubbed & let sit overnight in the refer. I need to have this bird done at around 4:00pm today & was wondering what time to put the bird in the smoker @ about 325º. I also plan on sprizing with cherry juice.
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I've never smoked one at that temp., I usually shoot for 300 degrees, so I can only guess at about 6-7 hours. If it gets done early you can keep it warm in a 150 degree oven. You should rest it for 1/2 to 1 hour before carving anyway.
I did a 12 pounder last month and it took about 6 hours at 250/275 to hit 185 in the thigh. Was fighting a major wind storm though that played havoc with keeping consistent temps.
last time i smoked some turkeys i did 2 of them in my MES40.  i did a 13 and 15 lber.  i had the temp set at 250 and it took between 4 and 5 hours to get the internal temp to 165 on the breast meat.  at 225 it should take a bit longer (imo) but you need to go by internal temp to make sure it is done.  good luck and don't forget to post some pic's!
[h3]Times and Temperatures Chart[/h3]
Type of MeatSmoking TempTime to CompleteFinished Temp
Brisket (Sliced)240°F1.5 hours/pound185 degrees
Brisket (Pulled)240°F1.5 hours/pound195 degrees
Beef Ribs225°F3 hours175 degrees
Pork Butt (Sliced)225°F1.5 hours/pound175 degrees
Pork Butt (Pulled)225°F1.5 hours/pound195-205
Whole Chicken250°F3-4 hours167 degrees
Chicken Thighs250°F1.5 hours167 degrees
Chicken Quarters250°F3 hours167 degrees
Whole Turkey 12#240°F6.5 hours170 degrees
Turkey Leg250°F4 hours165 degrees
Turkey Wings225°F2.5 hours165 degrees
Boudin230°F2.5 hours165 degrees
Breakfast Sausage230°F3 hours160 degrees
Fatties225°F3 hours165 degrees
Meat Loaf250 -300°F3 hours160 degrees
Meatballs (2 inch)225°F1 hour165 degrees
Spare Ribs225-240°F6 hours172 degrees
Baby Back Ribs225-240°F5 hours172 degrees
Smoked Corn225°F1.5 - 2 hoursN/A
Smoked Potatoes225°F2 - 2.5 HoursN/A
Here's the turkey after only 3 hours, will it hurt to turn heat in the smoker down to 150º to hold for a couple hours?

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