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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by hachmeister, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. hachmeister

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    well im getting ready to start my long awaited reverse flow smoker. im having a bit of trouble with Dave O's formula. the tag on the propane tank reads 124 gallon water capacity. outside diameter of 24 and overall length of 70. when i calculate the tank volume in cubic inches i get 28,644. when i figure CC volume i get 30,361. how can the CC be bigger than the tank volume? all help is appreciated!
  2. nwbhoss

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    You are going to get a slight difference going from figuring gallons to measuring the tank size to get the volume. The rounded ends make an exact measurement pretty tough. I have been giving myself headaches for days trying to understand all the numbers. Your numbers between the two ways of calculating are not that far off and from what I understand the tags on the tanks can allow for expansion so that number may be a little less. You will be close either way so maybe split the difference and go with it?

    I am new at this as well so please dont take my word as gospel. 

    One word of advise is PLAN PLAN PLAN!! I wish I had been more thorough when I first started my smoker and done the math before beginning I would have saved myself a lot of work. 

    Good luck with your build! 
  3. mp4s

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    There a website that has a bell end calculator that will help. I'll try to dig it up when I get back to my computer.
  4. imafishingfred

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    Easy way is to measure tank from end to end . Then measure from weld seam to weld seam . Subtract weld to weld from overall tank. Divide the difference by 1/2 and add the result back to the weld to weld length. This is the tank length you want to use.

    If you look at the sketch, you want 1 end and the center added together. Use the diameter from the center of the tank.
  5. mp4s

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  6. hachmeister

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    Thanks for all the help guys. I appreciate it. I got the FB/CC hole cut today now just to get it burned out and start building the rest! I will get pictures as soon as I can.
  7. jckdanls 07

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  8. mp4s

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    Basically - compare the different shapes in the chart to yours. Mine was Standard Flange. I see a lot of propane tanks that look to be Hemispherical.
  9. hachmeister

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    thank you for all the help guys. i have got the opening cut for the fire box and will soon be building the firebox and attaching it and then cutting the door. my next question is how am i suppose to figure the area at the end of the RF plate. i plan to just go level with the RF plate at the top of the fire box. the segment height for my FB/CC is 8. can i just stop the RF plate 8 inches from the end of the tank?
  10. hachmeister

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    Well after waiting for metal to come in and time me and my brother are getting this thing rolling and i finally have a few pictures!

    I am a mechanic and thought a couple connecting rods would make a good handle
    and heres the firebox mounted and legs on the smoker.

    the top cut of the door is done and hinges on. will be getting more pictures this week and should have it finished up this week
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  11. martyinco

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    I dig the handles! 
  12. hachmeister

    hachmeister Newbie

    few more pictures of the build should be finished up tomorrow except for paint

    torque wrench for a handle 

    how we got the spacing for the cook chamber racks

    grate for the firebox
  13. You're smashing it out quick. Well done as it looks awesome! [​IMG]
  14. essexsmoker

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    Great looking smoker!

    I have a cylinder the same size and another one slightly smaller going at work. I'd love to do this but just don't have the time or room. 😢

    I keep looking at it and thinking, well if just take it home and store it... one day... lol.
  15. hachmeister

    hachmeister Newbie

    the smoker is all done and ready for paint. just have to knock off the last two original tank legs and clean it up

  16. hachmeister

    hachmeister Newbie

    well the smoker is home and in its final place now just to paint it and get the latches on and season it. hopefully get it painted this weekend 

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  17. martyinco

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    Love it!
  18. Really nice work!

    Quick question, how much room did you leave between your BP and your first rack?

  19. hachmeister

    hachmeister Newbie

    There is just over 3 1/2 inches from the reverse flow plate to the first rack.
  20. Im very interested to see how this thing performs.  This is the exact size and style that Im planning on building in the next few months.  Great build by the way it looks amazing.

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