100# RF propane tank smoker build

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    Inspired by Parrish15, my 100# smoker build progress.

    Between that build and Feldon's build calculator I had enough confidence to tackle one myself.

    15" diameter by 36" tall tank flushed twice with dawn soap and ready to cut.

    I recommend gloves when flushing. God awful stink was on my hands for 2 days...

    Other materials acquired from local metal yard cutoff section. 

    350 lbs of metal for about $250. Wheels were 70 of that...

    First cut. 4.75" in from outer edge of tank. 3/16 tank thickness.

    Cuts for firebox in 1/4" plate. 13"w X 16"d X 18" tall. 

    Cut all the way through center and only scored edges to bend.

    Like this. squared and tacked as i went

    Cut for CC was fun with angle grinder. left 3/4" for drip edge

    CC & FB meet. Excuse amateur welds, .030 flux core in a 120 welder on 1/4" plate was slow going...

    Large hole is 2.5" and smaller holes are 1.75". Handle was made from an old chipping hammer.

    Cut door opening and welded hinges. I resisted temptation and left all 4 corners attached to prevent the door from flopping around while I made the base.

    Just some 2" square I had leftover from fence posts (background white picket fence)


    Rolled her over and finally got to see inside!

    3/4" lip was a success.

    Burned out the stink. Good progress for a long weekend. I hope monsoons give me a break and I will be able to finish this weekend. Will post more pics again next week weather permitting... 

    Handle on with little $3 fence spiral dealies. Ended up working really well at keeping handle cool.

    smokestack is 1/4" thick x 3' tall x 3" diameter.

    Pipe cap that worked well for a little hat

    1/4" rf plate that I scored and ran over with my truck to crease.

    Little grate supported by angle iron. I need to reinforce with more angle because it is now shaped like a u...

    4 rattle cans of flat black, high temp paint. Thermostat and ball valve installed. 

    Drug the beast into the backyard and fired her up! seasoned 3 times with peanut oil at about 500F

    Temp was easy to maintain and there was very little smoke that leaked out the door. I don't think I'm going to add any additional seals around door openings.

    So as I was painting, mailman showed up with remote thermometer. Might as well send in the first victims. 250 degrees for 2 1/2 hours until internal temp of 165. 

    Cost breakdown:

    $40 for tank

    $250 for metal

    $60 for expendables 

    So about $350 lol. A bit more than wife wanted me to spend...

    I would guess I had about 40 hours into it as well.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Nice build. I have a 100# tank in the garage, will be using some of your ideas and calculations as a comparison when I build one for my buddy.
    I got a good laugh on the 1/4 plate ran over with the truck idea. lol +1 on the gloves to avoid the smell issue. Just went through the same not
    too long ago. :eek:)

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    1stSmoke,a few ?'s

    How hot can you get your CC ?

    How efficient is it ? -Say LBs per hour of charcoal?

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    Hey motocrash,
    That guy hasn't been online in here for like 8 months. He might not even answer you ever. 🤔
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    Thanks for the heads up Rings
  6. Rings Я Us

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    Lol.. just saying.. 👍

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