1.5 Hours per Pound @ 225º ?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by uechikid, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. uechikid

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    Everything I have read says time and temperature for a pork butt (and brisket) is 1.5 hours per pound at 225º.  I have yet to get 1.5 hours per pound at 225º.  In fact, I can't get 1.5 hours at 250º.  So whats the deal?  Any one else have this issue?

    I use a Landmann 38" gas smoker and a Maverick ET-732 thermometer.

  2. waterinholebrew

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    Each piece of meat is different, some can be stubborned.... Especially in the stall stage ! Have you calibrated your Mav to ensure the probes are working properly ?
  3. uechikid

    uechikid Fire Starter

    When I first got the thermometer I checked it by boiling water and putting the probe in the water.  Thermometer read 215º.  Other than that I didn't think the Maverick could be calibrated.
  4. Plan your smoke of butt to 2 hours per pound and u will be fine. Some hours you will see a big jump in temp in the meat.....then it won't move but a degree or so for 2 hours (stall).

    All cuts are different. There is no constant and the time/lb is a guideline not a hard and fast rule.
  5. chef willie

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    Yep, I always figure 2 hours per pound on everything. Allows me time for a stall or the waning of the Moons etc. I always used to cut it to close and get pissed at myself....no more......Willie
  6. uechikid

    uechikid Fire Starter

    I posted this because it seems like I can't even get close to 2 hours per pound. Yesterday I smoked a 4.75 lb butt and it took 13 hours. When the internal temp of the meat got to 175 I bumped the smoker temp to 275-295.
  7. Ok.....another thought are you taking the temp of the actual smoker? Or just the meat? Something isn't right in smokerville of u can't get a 5 lb butt to cook in under 13 hours.
  8. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Agreed!!! 13 hours for a 5 pound butt is insanity! No way that smoker is consistently staying at 225 or higher.
  9. uechikid

    uechikid Fire Starter

    I'll recheck thermometer accuracy but the maverick has both meat and smoker temp probs.
  10. hillbillyrkstr

    hillbillyrkstr Master of the Pit Group Lead

    Something isn't right there for sure.
  11. uechikid

    uechikid Fire Starter

    OK.  So I rechecked the thermometer accuracy and the smoker probe (in boiling water) reads 214º as does and one of the meat probes also reads 214º.  The other meat probe reads 212º.  My elevation is about 100 feet and I used tap water.

    I attach the smoker probe to a rack one slot below the meat that has an aluminum pan on it to catch the drippings.

    I agree, something isn't right here that's why I posted this to see if there is an issue with my technique or equipment.

    I should also say the this butt was SOOOO moist and tender.
  12. hillbillyrkstr

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    I don't know. Maybe try the smoker probe on the shelve your smoking the meat on next time? Sorry it's all I got. I doubt you'll find much of a difference between the two shelves but I just don't know why it would take almost 3 hours a pound.

    I also have no idea how elevation effects it but I know there's some smart people on this page that can tell you.

    I also don't know your smoker so that's not helping me.

    Good luck with this. I'll keep an eye on this thread cause I'm curious.
  13. caribou89

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    What was the temperature of the meat when you put it in? Could it have still been partially frozen in the center? That would substantially add to your cook time.
  14. uechikid

    uechikid Fire Starter

    Elevation, I know that as elevation increases boiling point changes. I just wanted to include that for those who might see that as a possible reason. The meat was at 43 when I put it in the smoker.
  15. You said you were at 100 Feet?  100 Feet isn't elevation [​IMG]
  16. mdboatbum

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    Make sure your probe isn't touching or directly adjacent to a rack or the drippings pan. That can cause it to read higher than it actually is as the metal will hold more heat. Other than that, I can't help you other than to say of you're getting good results, keep doing what you're doing. Unfortunately smoking's about as precise as predicting the future. It's always a surprise.
  17. uechikid

    uechikid Fire Starter

    I use the clip that came with the probe and clip to the rack that the drip pan is on, and yes I make sure the probe isn't touching anything.
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  18. geerock

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    Butts are rarely, if ever, done in 1 1/2 hours at 225.  The thing is, I don't know why anyone does butts at 225.  Large pieces of meat can take higher heat with no loss of flavor or tenderness.  And it does help get thru the stall.  Try 250, 260, even 275.  All you'll be doing is eating great pork that much sooner.
  19. raastros2

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  20. completely agree, I do all my butts at 275... just don't get the 225 thing...there's no difference except more time to finish... a 5lb butt just took me 7 hrs this last weekend at 275...
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