wood fired smoker

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  1. D

    For Sale: LSG custom 24x48 pipe smoker

    Lone Star Grillz Custom 24" x 48" pipe smoker for sale in DFW area (Dallas). New price would be ~$6400+ Tax and Delivery. But... This mint condition beauty is available NOW for only $4500, OBO. (Note: you will need to be responsible for pickup.) Exact build unit with video review available...
  2. N

    Update - Bell Fab Delivery and First Impressions

    The wait is finally over! I received delivery of my new Bell Fabrications smoker on May 5th. It has a 24"x48" cook chamber and is 3/8" steel all the way around. It arrived on a massive pallet, and watching it get unloaded made me glad that I opted to have the freight company deliver it to the...
  3. R

    what kind of wood should i use

    hey guys i live in Portugal and i don't have easy access to cherry or oak we have other types of wood available and i would love to know witch one you recommend - instead of normal oak we have loads of cork oak (maybe its the same) - Pine wood - olive wood - holly wood - Eucalyptus wood My...
  4. brad455

    Sns smoker's newest model , charcoal or wood fired with pid control and pre heat

  5. Diehardmason

    REVIEW: Just purchased the Old Country Smokehouse....I love this smoker.

    I don’t see many reviews of the smoker I just purchased so I’ll give one in hopes it may help others. This Smokehouse is actually a great smoker build. The indirect heat from th bottom based firebox is a neat design. Almost no chance for char/burn from imcorrect placement of tuning plates used...
  6. atwhitsend

    Lang 60 Deluxe

    Question for the SMF crowd: how often do you use your larger offset smoker (Lang 60 Deluxe, etc.) for smaller cooks? I have a 18.5 in WSM that I have been smoking on for about 5 years now and love it. However, I am looking to step up my game and go a bit bigger. I went to a great BBQ class...
  7. absinthedragon

    First Chuck Roast... Fail :(

    Greetings everyone, On Sunday, the lady and I decided to smoke something spur of the moment while we were out getting a couple items for dinner. We were in Aldi, and their cuts of meat change periodically, and I decided to see what they had. They had a pre-marinated Chuck Roast that was...
  8. S

    Hello, From S,W Missouri

    Scott Holt Dogwood, Mo
  9. SmokinAl


    Well I have really been liking the wood fired flavor that I have been getting with the Lang! However I wanted to smoke 9 chicken wings for dinner last night. Firing up the Lang for 9 wings seemed really dumb. So I thought, I wonder if I can run the WSM on just wood. So here goes the...