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whole chicken

  1. Wurstmeister

    Smoked Whole Chicken using MBE smoker with A-MAZ-N

    Nothing special tonight. Simple smoked whole chicken from Aldi in the MBE smoker and A-MAZ-N 6X6 tray. Recipe was simple - spatchcock the chicken, trim excess fat, etc.; used a simple olive oil and lemon pepper rub tonight. Smoked using apple pellets @ 250F for approx. 4 hour in continuous...
  2. disco

    Cuban Chicken

    I had a good deal on a chicken and I have been meaning to try a different method of cooking chicken. I know many others have done this but it is new to me. I was going to start low and slow and then kick the heat. I have also been meaning to try a Cuban flavour profile on chicken. I will admit...
  3. pigsmoke

    Whole Chicken Brine

    Hey all, I hope I'm not beating a dead horse here, but I have a question regarding whole chickens and brining them. I'm planning on smoking two spatchcocked chickens this coming Sunday and I was wondering; Is it 100% necessary to brine these birds first? If I don't, what are the potential...
  4. ragsbbq

    WSM Spatchcock chicken question

    I'm doing 4 whole chickens on my WSM 22 for 4th of July. Is it ok to put two on top rack and two on the bottom rack? I know normally you would never put chicken on top with something underneath but wasn't sure if it would be ok to put 2 of the birds on that lower rack? Thanks in advance for...
  5. L

    whole chicken in MES30

    Hey folks - got a MES30. Never tried any poultry yet, but wanted to give a whole chicken a try. Started digging around as to what to do and have read a lot of issues with the MES producing rubbery skin because it can't get over 275F and I've read you need 325F to get decent skin. Is that right...
  6. grootsquad

    Whole chicken stuck at 143° HELP!!!

    Ive had a whole chicken in the smoker now for about 5 hours. 6.2 lb bird. Smoker at 225°. Chicken hasnt budged from 143° in over an hour. I did brine it over night last night. Is the extra moisture causing a "stall" of some kind? I know chicken isn't supposed to do that as it doesnt have much...
  7. chopsaw

    Pop's brine whole chicken .

    I've done this once before , but wanted to inject this time . I used 1/2 cup kosher salt , and then 1/2 cup each white and brown sugar . For the 1 gallon water , went with 2 tbls cure 1 this time , because I wanted a faster cure . Pumped , then in the brine 48 hours . Dried in fridge over night...
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