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  1. thirdeye

    Prime Beef ~ When In Doubt, Ask

    Through beef shortages and price increases my Sam's Club has always managed to stock some USDA Prime beef during the holidays. I like buying the primals....like a short loin or full tenderloin, wet aging them and cutting my own roasts or steaks. Yesterday Mrs~t~ asked what Prime grade stuff was...
  2. chopsaw

    Quick smoked Pork Tenderloin

    I haven't fired up any smokers or grills in a couple weeks . Not normal for me , most things get done outside in some form . Been busy in the work shop , making cutting boards and doing a new coffee table for myself . Gets to late , and the emerald 360 makes it to easy . Also , haven't had...
  3. Reb

    Bears dry rub canadian bacon

    I got a 10lb tenderloin at Sams Club yesterday been feelin some canadian bacon lately. Last batch I made was with Pops brine an a few other things i added and it turned out great. I went with Bear's dry rub this time around. I split my tenderloin into 2 5lb chunks rubbed them both down with...
  4. M

    Pork Tenderloin and Pulled Pork

    After our first successful pulled pork last weekend, we decided to try a pork tenderloin and another round of pulled pork this past weekend (especially since the leftovers will feed us lunch for the week). These are with the MES 30 inch analog model. I don't think either came out as good as last...
  5. M

    Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin Medallions

    Got the idea from something I saw on tv the other day. I was pretty happy with how they came out considering I was kind of winging it as far as smoke time, getting the bacon crispy, and setting the sauce without over doing them (though they could have been done a tad less). I didn’t think to get...