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  1. S

    Have been smoking for a while

    Hi from Eastern Ontario, Canada. We farm, hunt and fish. We are retired. We travel. I have a Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite Propane Smoker...actually gifted it to my husband years ago, but I tend to have control of the outdoor cooking. He does the outdoor providing! I have used it for a variety of...
  2. jlajones

    Temp dip after wrapping ribs

    Hey All, I am new to smoking meats. I don’t have anything fancy to smoke my meats in so I use my charcoal grille and just offset the coals and wood on 1 side of the grille. Often enough, when smoking ribs, I try to follow the 3.2.1 method but I feel the internal temperature matters more than...
  3. Daba's BBQ

    Which Temperature Brand/Model Do You Use?

    There are dozens out there - which brand/model are you using to monitor the temps on your rig and your food? BTW - I am not talking about instant-read thermometers. I use a ThermoPro TP28 and this Post pics
  4. N

    Next step

    As you can all tell, I am fairly new here and most of what I cook I would call by the seat of my pants. The results have been good, more then good mostly because of advise that members here on SMF have given me. I am a scientist/engineer kind of person so self reflection is what I do. The...
  5. T

    Brisket Temperature has me baffled

    I am smoking a brisket. Started at 6 a.m. When the temperature reached 165 I wrapped it in butcher paper. When the temperature reached 195 I cut the point off for burnt ends wrapped the flat and put back on the smoker. When i put the temperature probe back into the brisket it read 165 20 minutes...
  6. D

    lowest temp possible to smoke a beef steak

    Hi all, been a lurker forever (Meathead's Pastrami recipte made me lifer), and now finally made the jump to being a member! I recently bought some cross rib steaks as I read they could rival ribeye when cooked right. I know I should have bought the roast vs the steak in hindsight, but now I...
  7. S

    Temperature rise

    Hi, I just set up my wine cooler as a drying chamber. Unfortunately, it is located in a hot environment of about 30 degrees Celsius. The instructions for this thermoelectric cooler say that the optimal ambient temperature should be 20-26 degrees C. The cooler shows 16 degrees C (even when set...
  8. W

    Safe to Eat?

    I'm relatively new to smoking but here is my situation. I started to smoke a 6 lb brisket at 185 degrees at 11 pm last night. I woke up at 630 am wrapped it in butcher's paper and then turned it up to 225 degrees. Everything was fine until I left the house for an hour and a half and came back...
  9. C

    Humidity questions

    Ok, so, my folks have just made a greenhouse, it's 10' by 10'. They're new to this, so am I, so as much advice as you can offer would be awesome, not only related to my question. They plan on growing tomatoes and eggplants if I'm not mistaken. Is there a humidity level they need to keep here...
  10. A

    Help! Kamado Joe Charcoal advice

    So I’m a nube when it comes to the smoker—but I figured it was going to be the only way to get the kind of BBQ I was after up here in Flanders, NJ. I’ve done three briskets and two pork shoulders sp far in my new Kamado Joe and all have come out way way too smoky for my taste. My brother uses a...
  11. S

    I took an hour nap as usual...

    But i over slept, it was 3 hours, and the brisket i was smoking at 200-225 might have hit temp, but now it's back down at 165, I've got it in oven now at 275 wrapped in PBP How long should I keep it in oven and check temp? 3 hours? Thanks in advance
  12. M

    Monitoring internal temp, analog thermometer mount?

    Hi all, I just bought an MES 130B. Do the temperature levels differ much inside the unit from top to bottom, or from side to side? I know that everyone suggests digital probes. I do have one, and will probably upgrade to a better dual probe unit soon. It seems to me that it would be nice to...
  13. Daz

    made some 8' long wire meat probes 100k ohm

    Hi all, Have had folks asking for these long wire probes for their XL smokers, finally we got time to get some made. I'm here trying to figure out besides iGrill and Thermopro what are other popular thermometer brands out there that also uses 100k ohm probes (igrill, thermapro and bbqube) Thanks!
  14. J

    Help with Temperature Readings

    Hello everyone, i'm very new to forums and kindof new to smoking meat. I recently acquired a Oklahoma Joe's offset smoker "the highland", i seem to have issues regarding temperature readings... I set up the smoker with another thermometer nearest to the fire box and set up defuser plates in...
  15. banjo

    Pork Ribs - Favorite Temperature for smoking

    I'll be smoking some PORK RIBS (from Costco) this week, and I've never done them on my Pit-Boss 820D before. So I thought I would post this poll:
  16. Jonathan Carlson

    OKJ Longhorn Top Thermo Gauge vs Grate Level Temp?

    Does anybody have an OKJ Longhorn? What's the temperature difference between the top thermo gauge and grate level temperature? I know there's quite a difference in most all smokers I was just curious about my model. I haven't made any mods to it yet or anything..
  17. T

    Hello Smokin’ Smokers from Oakland, CA

    Hi All, I’m new to SMF and it looks like a great community! I am originally from Texas but now live in Oakland, CA. Just got an Oklahoma Joe offset smoker and today will be only my 3rd official smoke (although I did smoke a brisket once on my charcoal Weber dome). I’m still a novice, so any...
  18. banjo

    What's your favorite temperature for smoking brisket?

    This is a poll, so select from list above! I'll be smoking some brisket soon on my pellet smoker (Pit Boss 820D) and wondered what your favorite temperature for smoking brisket might be. For some reason, the poll closed itself while I was creating, and the 'edit' isn't letting me do anything...
  19. U

    Fireboard or Flame Boss controller?

    Hi I am quite new to the forum and am jn the market for a controller I have narrowed it down to two items based on availabilty and some research fellow smokers what do you recommend for a controller? Fireboard with additional controller cable and added varible speed fan(purchased extra) it also...
  20. Scott Plummer

    Very first time smoking

    Couple questions for all you experts.... Concerning the temperature & thermostat: - I have read on this forum, at BBQ stores and friends that the Maverick 732 or the733 are the best out there. I am getting tons of different opinions on other sites. Per Amazon the reviews are not as good as...