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  1. hunter rose

    Stuffed turkey breast

    Snowmageddon cook... smoked turkey breast stuffed with bacon, havarti and salami. Came out great!
  2. chopsaw

    Stuffed sandwich

    Something I like to do every once in awhile . Fun cook and makes a great meal . Make up some dough and spread it out on a sheet pan . Layers start with Motz cheese . Then some salami ,, Next , some tomato basil cheese , sandwich pepperoni and some peppers . Another layer of motz , and more...
  3. illini40

    Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Meatballs

    Hello Smoked some bacon wrapped cheese stuffed meatballs (and a few sans bacon) this evening. Turned out great! This cook was partially inspired by the recipe for Monk Balls in Jeff's Smoking Meat book. Started with 2 pounds of ground chuck. Added 2 eggs, some crushed corn Chex, seasoned with...
  4. RhoneRanger

    I ran out of hog casings

    Good day! So I ground up a bunch of venison and made an excellent sausage, and I have about 3 lbs of meat left because I did not get enough casings. What is the best route as the meat will soon be too hard to stuff. Can I keep the meat in the fridge overnight until I get more casings? Will...
  5. KrisUpInSmoke

    Bacon-wrapped, Stuffed Apples (Q-view and Recipe) - October 2018 Throwdown Judges' Choice

    I'm honored to be the Judges' Choice Winner of the October Throwdown! Thanks again to the judges, @bmudd14474 for coordinating the competition, @TomKnollRFV for drumming up enthusiasm and encouraging everyone to enter, and @bvbull200 and @TulsaJeff for putting up great prizes! Without...
  6. chilerelleno

    Stuffed/Mexican Cornbread

    Made a nice, extra large, Stuffed Cornbread aka Mexican Cornbread. Preheat oven to 400'F Triple standard recipe of cornbread batter, careful not to over mix it. Add in 1 15oz can whole kernel sweet corn and two 7oz cans of diced Green Chiles added to batter. Brown 2# of hamburger and 1# of...