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  1. D

    Does altitude affect "stall" time?

    Hi all, I'm new at smoking meat and have run into an issue. I have a GMG pellet smoker that seems to do a good job but twice now I have run into the dreaded "stall" issue. Once with pork shoulders and most recently with a brisket. In both cases the meat reached just shy of 200f and then...
  2. J

    Brisket Stall Help

    I’m new to smoking and I have a problem smoking briskets. I own a Master Built 40” electric smoker. I’ve done multiple pork shoulders, ribs, and chicken/turkey legs and they’ve all came out amazing. However, I’ve tried briskets twice and I’ve ran into the same problem. The first time I smoked a...
  3. grootsquad

    Whole chicken stuck at 143° HELP!!!

    Ive had a whole chicken in the smoker now for about 5 hours. 6.2 lb bird. Smoker at 225°. Chicken hasnt budged from 143° in over an hour. I did brine it over night last night. Is the extra moisture causing a "stall" of some kind? I know chicken isn't supposed to do that as it doesnt have much...
  4. DobriDim

    Really late Stall in Chuck

    Hey guys, did this ever happened to you. Last two time i was smoking chuck, i smoke it to round 65-70C (150-160F), put it in Alu foil, put some beef broth in, wrap it, and return to the smoker. It goes on slowly, raising internal temp to round 84C (183-185F), and then it stops, and the meat...
  5. nyc smoke

    FIRE WENT OUT! Any advice for a "stop and start?"

    Folks I'm ashamed to say I let the vent on the bottom of my trusty Pit Barrel Smoker get loose (and told myself "I'll tighten up that screw later!" and oh boy, now it's later) and it slid shut last night in the middle of an overnight 12 lb. Brisket smoke. Woke up to a cold fire and a dry, cold...
  6. Saline_Smoker

    The Science behind The Stall...

    Randomly came across this article today in my Apple News feed. Short version; the stall is due to evaporative cooling according to Greg Blonder, a professor at Boston College. Interesting read, thought I’d share...
  7. S

    Pork butt stalled at 155??

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum but have been lurking for a bit. Second smoke and I decided to try some pulled pork. I've had 2 five pounders going for about 7 hours and I seem to be stalled at 155. I want to to foil but don' want to do it too soon. However, I've been at 155-158 for over an hour...
  8. T

    Brisket stalled at 145 for 12 hours

    I am a bit new to smoking, have done a few smokes and still struggling with timing. Started a 4 lb brisket last night around 11:PM, was cold out of the fridge and I dry brined it for 30 min, applied some molasses and rub and popped in my GMG daniel boone at 150 for about a 30-60 min before...
  9. jasonrmcc

    I could use a little wisdom...Shoulder @159 16 hours later.

    Hey Guys and Gals, Experience: I've been smoking for a little over a year and have done 7-8 shoulders/butts in that time, along with every other cut of meat known to man :) So not a total newbie, but lacking the experience of many of you "experts" that I rely on so often. Details: Smoker: MES...
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