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smoke vault

  1. SmokinAl


    I was in Publix a few days ago & they had a bunch of Tri tips. They weren't cheap, but the meat guy said they will be carrying them from now on. I guess they have been getting a lot of requests for them. So I picked one up. It needed no trimming, so I just put some Worsty & Montreal steak...
  2. W

    Smoke Vault 24 Mod Questions and Mod show off

    Hi All, Still new to smoking as I bought my first smoker last year, a SV24 and have a few mod questions and also wanted to show off a mod I just made. My ultimate goal is get it to a "set it and forget" type smoker. I know I can buy a different smoker but I'm a techie and love building things...
  3. endo129

    How to Get Longest Smoke from Smoke Vault

    Hey all, I'm going on two years with my smoke vault and tips from you all. One thing that still gets me is how to get longer smoke from my smoke vault. I have tried more chunks, covering in foil, moving the chip tray up off the burner a little all to no avail. My default method is 2-3 chunks...
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