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  1. T

    Hickory smoke flavoring problem

    Hi there, I’m trying to make a rub that’s similar to Kansas style rubs. Most popular rubs of brands have amazing earthy real hickory wood smell with the combination of other spices and herbs. However, I tried using hickory smoke from the market in my testing rub, but it produced a "burnt" bad...
  2. babydocsmoke

    Rub help!!

    So, I have two pork butts that need to go on essentially now. Getting off of work late on a Friday, and remembering now that I’m out of my favorite rub. So I’m at Walmart mercy, since my favorite barbecue hook up joint is closed. Any thoughts on the following? Just looking for a well-balanced...
  3. F

    Seasoning 30” Dyna-glo electric smoker

    So I recently bought a 30” Dyna-glo Bluetooth electric smoker. I read the manual about how to season it. So I added my wood chips to the bottom, set a timer for 2 hours, and temp to 275. everything was going good and then 30 mins into it, it was like it built up to much pressure inside and all...
  4. Jonathan Carlson

    It's only Tuesday...

    And I'm already nervous about smoking up my ribs on Fathers Day... Not much going on at work so now I'm doing my due diligence before the big day. So naturally I have a few questions.. mainly needing opinions. - I've seen people in the forums talking about the 3.2.1 or 3.1.2. or all smoke...
  5. coolkayaker

    Snack Sticks Recipes dry seasonings vs fresh

    What are your thoughts and opinions on using dried herbs, peppers, spices, seasonings vs using fresh cut peppers, garlic, fresh herbs when making snack sticks? Does one work better than the other?
  6. L

    Curing vs Pre-Season New Electric Smoker

    Hello, I have a brand new Electric Smoker (Aldi Brand Range Master). Looking at the manual it tells me I need to Pre-Season and Also Cure before first use, however the instructions are slightly different for both and I am not sure what to follow 1. Pre-Season A. Water bowl in place no water...
  7. djjubbajubba

    Tips for seasoning

    A little back story about me: I grew up in Southern California (in virginia now) where we had a fire in the fireplace, maybe, twice a year. Fire wood was purchased at the corner store. Now, to my topic. I recently found a guy locally that had downed a pecan tree, and got two 5 foot logs from...