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  1. radioguy

    Sausage Mix Review A.C. Leggs Sweet Italian Blend 101

    Here is a quick review of A.C. Leggs Sweet Italian Blend 101. I was wanting to try something different for an Italian sweet sausage. Amazon is so convenient since we have a large warehouse nearby. We had 22 pounds of trimmed pork shoulders. I mixed the seasoning in based upon the proper...
  2. bmudd14474

    Review of beef from PorterRoad.com

    Porter Road. Im sure you have heard that name before because of the specials they have offered on SMF in the past few months and the review that @TulsaJeff did on their product. They had also sent me a box of meats to sample. Now I have had the box for several months. I decided to try some of...
  3. acgreen95

    Any reviews on the Masterbuilt 600B, anything at all??

    So I am not the best meat smoker in the land I admit it. I am very subpar, lol. Of course I’ve never tried to learn, my dad is a smoke king but as a kid I didn’t care. Now at 46 I kinda really want to learn. So I’ve been eyeing a Pitboss pellet smoker for a while now. Keep complaining to the...
  4. disco

    Traeger Timberline 850 Review

    I’ve had my Timberline Grill for a couple of weeks and will give you my impressions. I’ll start by talking about the construction of the grill. It is made of much heavier guage steel than most home smokers. Then they use double wall construction to lend strength and insulation for steadier...
  5. webs05

    REVIEW: Inkbird IRF-2SA 500ft Range

    Inkbird Review: Thanks again to the friendly folks at Inkbird for the contest. Very generous. I received the product, Inkbird IRF-2SA, yesterday which was great timing because today, Sunday, I'm going to smoke some ribs. Now I don't probe ribs so this review wont get into the ins and outs of...
  6. ExclusiveBBQ

    [REVIEW] Sendowtek Barbecue Thermometer

    Hi all, I've recently been buying things to get started on my BBQ journey and wanted to start posting reviews of my own to help people out. To start with, I reviewed the Sendowtek Barbecue Thermometer . For under £30, you get a responsive, dual-probe thermometer that connects wirelessly over...
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