my fire went out

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  1. M

    Smoker went out

    Hey y’all I am somewhat new to smoking meat on my Weber Vertical Black Bullet Smoker. I thought I would try and overnight smoke and of course, the smoke/fire went out. Details below. The main question- is it okay to eat? -smoking : pork shoulder at 8.5 lbs -Put the meat on the smoker at 11:20...
  2. chef jimmyj

    My Smoker Died! Is my Meat Safe?

    My Smoker is fine but if I had a Dollar for everytime i answered this type of post. I'd be smoking on a $20,000 Kalamazoo! Bottom line...If the meat is INTACT Bacteria on the surface is DEAD, HISTORY, KAPUT IN 30 to 60 MINUTES OR LESS AT 225°F!!! As soon as the surface gets to 140 or higher, the...