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  1. SmokinAl

    Pork ribeye roast on the rotisserie

    I bought a couple of these roasts when I saw them. Never had this cut before, and it was real cheap. Thawed one out, brined it overnight in the fridge, then injected it with a bit of Tony C’s butter/jalapeño marinade. Here is what I started with. I wanted it to be a more round uniform shape...
  2. FourVanks

    What are your Thoughts?? - Injecting a Brisket with It's Own Liquid Fat

    Hey Ya'll... Just looking for your thoughts on my last brisket cook. I trimmed the fat off, cooked it down, then injected the flat with that fat. The full video of the whole cook is listed below: Let me know your thoughts on this technique, please. It really was a fun cook!
  3. SmokinAl


    Well I have really been liking the wood fired flavor that I have been getting with the Lang! However I wanted to smoke 9 chicken wings for dinner last night. Firing up the Lang for 9 wings seemed really dumb. So I thought, I wonder if I can run the WSM on just wood. So here goes the...
  4. SmokinAl


    I have been dying to smoke some ribs on the Lang. This is my second time using it. I went to the store a few days ago & was looking for BB's, but they didn't have any that looked to good. I found a rack of ST. L's and they looked pretty good, so I bought them. I injected them with some Creole...