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  1. tbern

    HeMan Soup

    Decide yesterday to make a batch of HeMan soup, this was taken from a recipe of my moms. Don't know how it got it's name, as the recipe is way older than the comic book character. The ingredients include bacon, hamburger, onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, rice, tomato paste, black pepper...
  2. D

    Brisket burgers.!

    I just got my first meat grinder and brisket happened to be on sale this week. I picked up 9 pound brisket. how should I go about about grinding this up? Should I trim some fat off. And if I were to leave it whole what would the ratio be? What spices should I add to the ground burger? any...
  3. disco

    Burger Party Fatty

    The pandemic has stopped me having people over. I miss my friends. The silver lining is that it gives me a chance to develop recipes for the day when I can have friends over again. One of the best things to have when friends come over is a great burger. Sadly, in my opinion, great burgers are a...
  4. Khaymanbb

    Smoking raw hamburger

    I've done a ton of searching, and cannot find anything related to this. I love smoked meat, but we don't always have recipes that call for it. One of which is hamburger. I make a lot of different casseroles for my kids, and most all call for hamburger. Has anyone smoked their hamburger...