green mountain grill

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  1. C

    Maiden rack of ribs

    Just did my first cook on my GMG Peak, 4hrs at 225. Had them bone side down for the first two then wrapped with fresh maple syrup & brown sugar meat side down then open the foil up for the last hour to keep the juices in and little bbq sauce.
  2. YeOldeBrisket

    Extremely Fast Cook Times on Brisket & Butt with Insulated Cover - Can Dinner be Saved?

    Hi Folks, I'm seeing something pretty strange with my pellet smoker. I put a 9.5lbs butt and 12lbs brisket on my smoker at 225 and in just 7.5 hours, temps are 178 on the pork and 193 on the brisket (temp taken on the flat). Neither were wrapped. I've never seen cook times anywhere near this...
  3. cnaranjo14

    Have GMG wifi? Don't use it?

    I have a GMG DB non-wifi. I've seen on FB and other forums that people with wifi models don't even use the wifi. I want it, but dont want to pay GMG the $130 or whatever for the controller. I was wondering if anyone had a wifi model that didn't use it, was willing to swap. Im in California, but...
  4. H

    GMG Daniel Boone temp issues

    Hey guys, my buddy bought the above mentioned pellet smoker yesterday. We set it up and did the initial burning but there starts the problem. We got the temp up to 150F and started to increase the temp to 310F but it started to drop. So basically it won't start refilling pellets and keeps...
  5. matuz

    Share your Green Mountain Grill Pork butt Profile?

    I am going to throw a butt or...two actually....on my Daniel Boone Sunday night, hoping to wake to some delicious pulled pork for lunch on Monday. I was looking at the profile to smoke pork on my GMG App, and was wondering if anyone had toyed around created one and and would want to share? I...
  6. JimInFla

    Cusinart Pellets?

    Hi All, Has anyone tried the Cuisnart pellets in a Green Mountain smoker? They are now available at WalMart.
  7. S

    What's better - 1 big or 2 small?

    Hi all, New to the forum. I will be cooking some pork butts for a party this weekend. Is there any reason to go for 1 larger butt rather than 2 smaller ones? The smaller will cook faster so seems it makes sense to go that way - less pellets to burn (I have a GMG Daniel Boone) and less sleep to...
  8. adaretpdx

    Wanting to up my smoking game from Oregon

    Hello Everyone, I have a Green Mountain Jim Bowie smoker going on nearly 3 years. I have done OK with it (people have enjoyed the ribs I've cooked), probably because I haven't tried to get to fancy. I put ribs in it, try different temperatures (usually start at 220, raise it after a couple of...
  9. D

    Prime Rib on GMG

    Hey all! I’ve been coming here for tips on and off for awhile but finally registered so I can comment. I recently purchased a Green Mountain Grill and upgraded from my chest type. I’m picking up my Prime cut bone in Prime Rib tomorrow-7lb cut and tied and injected. This will be my first prime...