dry rub

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  1. T

    Help balance the flavor in most famous KC style rubs - valuable info

    Hi guys, I'm trying to make something similar to Joe's KC meat and fries rubs. I did a search on KC-style rubs and found the founder of Joe's saying it's derived from Memphis book writer that any rub should have 2 parts of salt and sugar, one part each of dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onion...
  2. beerich

    WSM 18 Dry Rub Side Ribs

    Well, got the WSM working fine again (dirty probe). Did some ribs today. Mesquite, membrane on, 3-2-1 method, some rub into the wrap. These are absolutely excellent.
  3. Rickywells3

    What ingredients do I add to my pre-existing dry rub?

    Hello, recently my significant other purchased a couple of dry rubs for me. https://www.pepperpalace.com/Ghost-Pepper-Rub-p/801.htm and https://www.pepperpalace.com/The-Big-Easy-HOT-Seasoning-p/859.htm I would like to use them to flavor my jerky and I was wondering what other ingredients...
  4. S

    Overnight rub - too wet now?

    I put the rub on a pork butt last night for smoking today. This morning I find quite a lot of juice in the bag; should I dry the butt and/or apply more dry rub before it goes in the smoker? Any advice welcome!