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  1. ExclusiveBBQ

    Caramel Cornflake Brownies

    Hi all, I'm very glad to see that there's a 'dessert' section on here as it's probably my favourite course! I grew up baking with my mum and regularly love baking cakes and other sweet treats. Last weekend, I decided to 'level up' my chocolate brownies and tried my hand at making caramel (dry...
  2. daveomak

    Cheesecake in my pressure cooker..

    I love cheesecake... I decided to FINALLY try making one... This one is my second... I had to tweak the Insta Pot recipe for this one... It's more in line with what members on this forum make... I still had a problem with the center not totally cooking but.... I covered the cake with foil...
  3. oddegan

    Bacon Grease Gingersnaps!

    My son moves into his dorm tomorrow and his mother asked him if he wanted any homemade goodies to take with him. He told her that he wanted "those bacon grease cookies". As she was making them I decided that they are just to good not to share and I know many folks on here are always looking for...
  4. KCowTown

    What about desserts? Favorites?

    Just wanting to try some new things, gonna do pizza tonight and was hoping a dessert. Smoked apple pie? Am i officially off the rails?? Ha
  5. SmokinAl


    This recipe is so easy to make & everybody loves it. Instead of Kahlua, I just used a cheaper coffee liqueur. For this recipe it actually tastes better than the real thing. Here's what we started with. First you pour a cup or so of the coffee liqueur in the bottom of the pan. Next you...