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  1. splendorlex

    The WSM 22, Signals, Billows and the Cold!

    Hey all! I was just wondering if anyone is running a setup like this. I have a WSM 22 that I've had for a couple of years, and recently added Thermoworks Signals and the Billows to try to make temp management simple. Does anyone have this setup, and if so, how successful has it been for you...
  2. N

    Winter warming beverage

    So, it's 40° outside, not as cold as.some.of you get, and approaching sundown. All this means jt will get colder. My son is coming over for dinner tonight and I am smoking him a tri tip. My usual habit, ask wife about the habit 😈, is drinking IPA's during the cook. At this temp it seems like...
  3. A

    Cold Smoking in Alberta

    Good evening everyone, my first post here, what a great forum to find, so much great information and knowledge. I've recently moved to Alberta, Canada from the London, England with my family. My father-in-law and I have decided to set up a cold smoker using his old stand up freezer, and...
  4. S

    Help! Brisket Questions!

    So, newbie here so if I'm not following certain forum rules, I apologize! I've only smoked one brisket and it was a few years ago so I'm basically having to learn the basics all over again and have a few (most likely subjective) questions. I will he smoking 2 briskets (9# and 11#). First, I...
  5. titi cold smoke

    HELP my smoke generator don't smoke !

    Hi! I made this generator, and I use it with oak wood chips. The problem is that the wood chips go out very fast. And there is very little smoke. What is the problem? The pump? The chips? the pipes? Thank you for your answers.