cold smoker

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  1. S

    Need help on my cold smoker design for school

    Hello everyone, I currently have to design a high output venturi cold smoker for school, Im planning to use 4in diameter pipe with 1 meter length. I also have a blower for this. Can you suggest me a better design as im still currently thinking if i will use high nozzle or low nozzle. this is...
  2. beerich

    Cold WSM 18

    I've not been able to achieve proper temperatures with my >10 y/o WSM 18". I've used chunk and briquettes (last night) and it just doesn't want to come up to temp. Minion method, all vents open, cleaned WSM. Anybody got any ideas? Cheers
  3. A

    Help! Masterbuilt MB20071117 Digital Electric Smoker or Masterbuilt MES 35B Electric Smoker

    Hi everyone, Looking to buy a cold smoker, I'm leaning towards a Masterbuilt as I like the look of the cold smoker attachment...
  4. ald73008

    Smoked Cheese, 10yr evolution, self-built

    When I first learned of cold smoking, I was intrigued. My buddy has a big smoker and does brisket, turkey etc, so I wanted to bring something different to the table. Tired of paying inflated prices for fake spray on flavored cheese at the store, I wanted to see if I could do it. I made my first...
  5. Magic Meat

    Cold smoking some jerky

    Got another batch of jerky in the cold smoker. Been dialing in my cold smoke time, today running 50/50 applewood and hickory chunks on a thin bed of BGE lump. Today it's raining and humid 76deg. Trying to run the smoker a little hot at about 87deg. To combat the humidity, It's tough to get this...
  6. K

    SmokeRX - Electric Hot/Cold Smoker Build

    I've been lurking on the forums for a long time now and taken a lot of inspiration from the members. Through the years I've gone through a long list of grills, kamados, and pellet grills (currently have a green egg and a Memphis grill) but never had something that would hold a lot or give me...
  7. M

    Featured In Need Of Some Guidance On A Build!

    I am relatively new to forums in general, but I cam across this one when I was looking for cold smoker plans. I am currently a high school senior in rural Montana who is an avid fisher and hunter. I enjoy cooking as it has always been my passion and wanted to explore the world of smoking b...
  8. daveomak

    A real cold smoker.... picture....

    I wish this was mine... likewise the fish in it.....